Vatorx2 News Bites

At the Mobile Media Association right now, and I get to Interview Director Michael Becker of the MMA, and I pitch tomorrow one exciting week on November 17
I can't believe at the last hour I would remember to update my business profile, after all of the work we have done UGH...! on November 13
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50960 is in discussion on allowing the licensing of the software so that other companies may use as an API and charge their own fees for using the mobile device as a MOBILE ATM. on November 11
What's interesting at Tell us about your launch, new product releases, what you're working on, what conference you're attending, new hires, job openings... active posters get recommended and featured! on November 11
50960 traction campaign is really like having your cash readily at your disposal. We were also discussing licensing the software to other business when using the API, so that they may earn the interest fees. on November 11
50960 is seeking a relationship with a VC firm. is also seeking sign ups at the site for notification of launch. turns your mobile device literally into an ATM DEBIT/CREDIT CARD. This app would reduce the production of plastic cards. on November 03