LaTonya Higgins

LaTonya Higgins

Los Angeles, California, United States
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2011 Full Sail University , BS , Internet Marketing

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When making the decision to create I decided to create something that could and would be used by a demographic much like myself where life is lived pretty much on the go, it had to solve a global problem as well.  I always start an idea off based first on it being able to solve a global problem, then whittling it down to the individual identical to myself.

I am twice divorced, maybe due to my consuming passion for business, and mother of 3 young tech crazed adults.  I am currently attending college in pursuit of a DOCTORATE in Global Business and Enterprise.   Currently I am completing my BS Degree in Internet Marketing.  My passion is the Internet and all that is technology based.  I live on the Internet.   I have over one thousand websites memorized alone.  Some would classify me an information junkie or a bit of a workaholic, very competitive and a bit of a bulldog when I am on to something.