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this just in -> for your holiday shopping. on October 05
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We excited to drive the Social Media Marketing strategy for Atlanta's premier boutique shop "MerinoAtlanta". See Contact us to learn how small but highend boutiques are competing with big brands on the Social front with on April 22
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Dilip Kulkarni
Dilip Kulkarni at 01:57am May 06
Love the idea and streamlined presentation! Good work
Check out our blog @ detailing our new reward system. on April 21
Introducing "DoTogether Points". Now as friends help friends, they earn points that can be used for other rewards. (best part is this feature was suggested by a parent to get kids involved to team up as a family!). How will you use on April 21
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Entire catalog now available for search via Go create your shopping lists, group shopping plans right inside facebook!! on April 19
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DoTogetherWithAmazon. Now shop's almighty catalog from within Facebook. And not just that, get your friends to join along. Shop for Mother's day with your family. on April 14
hey guys, have you thought of how much your friends influence you or you influence your friends? Please complete this survey and results will be posted here for everyone. It will help us build something cool and useful on Facebook! on March 05
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looking to get a "consumer internet guy" onboard our team. ex-Googlers, ex-Yahooers, ex-ebayers or anyone with community development experience. on March 02
Tom McCullough
Tom McCullough at 05:46pm March 02
Rahul - my wife used to recruit for Yahoo! and has a lot of contacts. Send me an email and I will get you introduced: tmccullough at trusm dot com
Attention retailers. Last two slots remaining for participating in our pilot program. Don't miss out cool new marketing initiatives on Facebook. Contact us. on February 26
Announcing "DoTogether With". Fun facebook app to help a friend shop on on February 11
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60_60_default_profile_pic soft launches at Vator Splash event in San Francisco! Two Facebook apps to letting friends help you find what you need. 1. DoTogether ( 2. DoTogether With ( Do more with Facebook and friends with DoTogether. on February 08