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Company description

Our mission:  " Team up with friends to find what you want. Save time. Search less."

Everything these days starts with a search, but we are all at the mercy of the keywords we use or reviews from people we don't know . Wouldn't it be nice to ask friends to help along? Their choice of keywords and ideas can produce some refreshing results that we alone would completely miss out on.

That's where DoTogether fits in. You and your friends on Facebook can come together real time and go search for what you want, whether it be shopping, research, home decor ideas or planning a trip.


The DoTogetherwithAmazon Facebook application lets you and your friends shop on Amazon from Facebook. Get your friends personal reviews on the products, have a conversation around the product and then purchase it from 


Facebook App for friends:

Search, shop, research the web with friends. Have fun.


Shop with Amazon together


Facebook App offering for retailers:

Go Beyond Fan Pages and engage with Facebook users with products. See a demo app:

You can have one like this quickly, fully managed by us. Contact us at


Business model

lead generation platform on social networks.

Two facebook apps:

1. App for user community to find things together.


2. A facebook App for retailers, fully managed and hosted by us.

Competitive advantage
Most comprehensive social lead generation platform with facebook app, website, widgets, affiliate marketing, rss feeds, research and design features.