Tea Davies

Tea Davies

Developer of multimedia spatial and social experiences in the virtual and real worlds. Producer and Director of Vator Splash and Vator SplashX tech talks, including pre-production, run-of-show, marketing, and management.

Website: http://www.splashx.co/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/teadavies
Newport Beach, California, United States
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I live to create. And create to live. Driven by social experiments that improve the quality and quantity of life for everyone. Quote_down
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University of California, Irvine , BA

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Experiential Producer

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Vator Splash Events
If you're an entrepreneur or corporate innovator, why?

I want to find technological solutions for solving human connectivity problems in the physical world.

My favorite startups:

2Toms Brewing Company

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With a background in media, events, and the arts, Tea has produced a variety of projects, from large-scale live events to an urban planning website focused on human-centered development. In addition to nearly 3 years of experience producing and marketing tech entrepreneur/investor events for Vator Inc. and 2 years of developing, curating, writing, and photographing for an urban planning blog, she has served in marketing and education positions at prominent arts and architecture nonprofits, including Art Works For Change, Open Architecture Collaborative, and the Orange County Museum of Art. 

She is currently pursuing a technology M.S. degree at ASU.