Lorenzo Carver

Lorenzo Carver

Pleasanton, California, United States
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1995 Northeastern University Graduate School of Business , MBA
1995 Northeastern University Graduate School of Professional Accounting , MS
2014 Indiana Institute of Technology , BS
2014 Berklee College of Music Two Year Certificate in Music

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Lorenzo Carver, MS, MBA, CPA/ABV, CVA, is the inventor of bpCentral's Carver Import Algorithm, which enables importing financial reports in seconds, without data tagging or manual data entry, and converting them into interactive models anyone can use immediately.  He has developed over 200 strategic plans for information technology and life sciences companies and participated in over $1 billion in financing rounds as an advisor and planner.  Noted as one of the Top 100 Free Sites by PC Magazine, Lorenzo authored and produced an online sample business plan used by well over 3,000,000 students, teachers and entrepreneurs.  He conceived, designed, developed and coded an award winning small business valuation program used by thousands of entrepreneurs and advisors worldwide in 1999.  Some other highlights include the following -

  • Designed and launched the first mobile product that enables modeling financing scenarios, acquisition and IPO scenarios on a handheld
  • Designed and launched two of the first software products in the world certified for Vista
  • In the summer of 2007, at a Microsoft event in front of a live audience, a 12-year old used a server version of Liquid Scenarios running on a beta of Windows Server 2008 to price over 100 exit scenarios, determine how much option holders would get across each of the sales values and whether or not warrant holders would convert on a cashless basis or if their warrant would expire worthless. This same analysis traditionally would take a CFO/CPA/CFA or venture fund analyst a week to complete. Using Liquid Scenarios the child was able to perform the same analysis in a matter of minutes
  • Microsoft subsequently published a case study showing how an investment banker used a desktop version of Liquid Scenarios to achieve a 23,000% (230X) increase in productivity
  • In the fall of 2007, Liquid Scenarios Server 2008 became the first financial business intelligence solution in the world certified on Microsoft's Windows Server 2008, ahead of BEA Systems and Hyperion (now Oracle)
  • Developed strategic business plans for Alienware (acquired by Dell), ConstructionNet (acquired by McGraw Hill), developers of the first music DRM solution deployed by major record labels in the US, the founder of Chiron, a founder of Register.com, the first portable thin tissue scanning device to receive 510K clearance in the US, numerous subsidiaries acquired and disposed of by WellPoint (WLP), with many former clients appearing on the Inc. 500 list
  • Turned $80K of business plan service proceeds into $72 million in market cap over the course of 10 months
  • Used stock-only compensation to recruit an entire executive team, including the former CEO of a $6 billion revenue NYSE traded company and a former faculty member of the Defense Research Staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Provided assurance and advisory services at Arthur Andersen's Enterprise Group on clients, IPOs and projects including Vermeer Technologies (the creators of FrontPage, acquired by Microsoft) Genome Therapeutics IPO, Hybridon's IPO, Open Software Foundation, multiple venture capital funds, Boston Acoustics (Nasdaq, BOSA), Concord Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: CCRD) and Goldhirsh Publishing (original publisher of Inc. Magazine, now owned Mansueto Venture, publishers of Fast Company)