Russ Whitman

Russ Whitman

Seattle, Washington, United States
Member since February 11, 2008
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Russ Whitman has been developing startups and new products since 1996. His latest venture is a media discovery and notification Web 2.0 service - "I am excited to be a part of the transformation to the Social Web, where MySpace and Facebook profiles are the new portals and users contribute to the content marketplace".

Whitman is the past President for a Consumer Electronics and Software company – Icebox, LLC where he lead the development and market launch of the icebox product line, culminating in the sale to Salton, Inc in 2002.

Following the transition of Icebox, Whitman started Digital Home Group a Strategic Consulting and Product Development Group whose clients included Microsoft, HP, Sears, Cisco, IBM and GM.

In 2006 Whitman lead the strategic partnership effort with Passalong Networks for the OnTour product and continues in the advancement of the OnTour business. Russ has a passion to develop new ideas that have substantive consumer value, loves to find opportunities in “gaps” that exist in the consumer marketplace.