Being Green Has Never Been So.... Funded

Russ Whitman · May 1, 2008 · Short URL:

Today Kleiner Perkins, the venerable Siclion Valley VC announed 2 new funds totaling $1.2 Billion - with $700 million going into a new fund KPCB XIII, which will invest in “greentech, information technology and life sciences ventures.” This and another $500 million Green Growth Fund that is going to be working with none other than Al Gore in his mission to stop global warming show something that is not just a trend but a viable business and investment strategy. 

Obviously investment by VC's establish capital models for new technology start-ups necessary to drive the markets. With the attention being placed on our environment combined with the dizzying price of oil, opportunity emerges. I personally think that drawing ever more investments into this space is key toward developing real breakthrough success. 

 Get your "Green" business plans ready!


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