Healthcare data unification platform b.well Connected Health raises $40M

Steven Loeb · February 28, 2024 · Short URL:

The company added Leavitt Equity Partners' Andrew Clark and Samsung's Hon Pak to its board

With more data flowing through the healthcare system than ever before, it doesn't mean much if it's fragmented: if health systems, and even doctors within the same system, don't talk to each other, then the data is useless.

That's why b.well Connected Health enables health systems, payers, and employers to offer a personalized digital health experience for their populations. The company integrates data, insights, and partners into a single solution, one that's tailored to the way consumers want to consume healthcare, breaking down information into plain language that helps them understand their own healthcare data.

Now the company announced that it raised a $40 million Series C growth round led by Leavitt Equity Partners. This is the company's first funding since its $32 million funding in 2021.

Along with the funding it was also announced that Andrew Clark, Managing Partner at Leavitt Equity Partners, has joined the b.well board of directors, along with Hon Pak, MD, Head of Digital Health at Samsung. In addition, Ryan Howells, Principal at Leavitt Partners and Executive Director of the CARIN Alliance, has joined the b.well board as an independent director.

B.well's works with insurance companies, health systems, providers, retail pharmacies, and self funded employers, helping them provide their populations with a tool that allows them to be proactive about their health.

End users can access b.well via an app on their phone, or on a PC, and it allows them to see all of their health data from virtually any source, including providers, insurers, labs, pharmacies, wearables, devices and apps. The platform provides personalized insights to let them know that it's time for them, or their loved ones, to seek care, and what they need to seek care for.

For example, b.well did all of the COVID vaccine triage registration and scheduling for one of it's health system customers: the company text messaged the customers that they were on the list, and that it would keep them informed as to when they would qualify for the shot. The user would get text messages every week about if they were eligible and the availability of the vaccine; once they were able to get it, they were given information about where to make an appointment, as well as directions to the office.

The company's customers include include Walgreens, Northwell Health, Lee Health, and ThedaCare. Last October, b.well revealed an integration with Samsung, giving Galaxy smartphone users control over their longitudinal health records. In addition, b.well also recently announced a partnership with CLEAR, in which its identity verification technology will be integrated with b.well's consumer-centric healthcare solutions, allowing healthcare organizations to help consumers retrieve their health data, schedule care, and access healthcare services, without repetitive logins. 

"b.well is rearchitecting the backend of healthcare, empowering organizations to build connected ecosystems of care and compete in a market where value is increasingly defined by choice, transparency, and shoppability," Kristen Valdes, CEO and Founder of b.well Connected Health, said in a statement. 

"The support from Leavitt Equity Partners and expertise of Dr. Pak will help us scale personalized, easy-to-access healthcare experiences to more people and their families."

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