Elevance Health launches program to give free smartphones to Medicaid patients

Steven Loeb · January 10, 2024 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/57c4

Eligible individuals will receive phones from Verizon, Samsung, AT&T, and T-Mobile

Nearly a quarter of U.S. adults with household incomes below $30,000 don't own a smartphone, and over 40% don't have home broadband internet services or even a home computer, with half attributing that to the cost. As we all know, though, having an internet connection is vital to daily life in 2024, including getting access to medical care.

That's why Elevance Health announced a partnership with a number of carriers, including Verizon, Samsung, AT&T, and T-Mobile at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 on Wednesday, launching a new program to help fill that gap. Together, the companies will offer eligible individuals enrolled in some of its affiliated Medicaid health plans access to free smartphones with unlimited data, talk, and texting service.

The devices, which will be preloaded with a customized experiences, will serve as a connection point for individuals to reach their Medicaid health plan care team, who can help address their health needs.

In addition, participants will also be given access to complementary educational materials on how to use and navigate the smartphone, as well as a dedicated customer service call center if they require support.

The program is being supported by funding from the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

The program will launch in multiple states in 2024, with the ambitious goal of reaching hundreds of thousands of members within Elevance Health's affiliated Medicaid plans.

The program will launch in multiple states this year, with the goal of reaching hundreds of thousands of members within Elevance Health's affiliated Medicaid plans. Once the program has been launched in the individual's state, Medicaid members can contact member services using the number listed on the back of their insurance card to learn more.

Individuals are being told to work with their Elevance Health affiliated Medicaid health plan to check their eligibility for financial support through the ACP. If they are eligible, they will then work with their Medicaid health plan to participate in the program. 

“Increased availability of digital technologies, such as a smartphone, as well as fast, reliable internet is critical to supporting a person’s health journey," Omid Toloui, Vice President of Innovation at Elevance Health, said in a statement. 

“We believe the digital tools and the custom, curated experience offered through this program can help improve health, make healthcare more affordable, and serve people more equitably.”

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