Billing-as-a-Service provider Kovo HealthTech partners with CareCloud

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The collaboration will give Kovo's clients access to CareCloud's EHR and practice management tools

The medical billing process is inefficient from both the patient as well as the provider side. Many people don't understand their medical bills at, with more than a third saying they're either "somewhat" or "extremely" confusing, resulting in 1 in 10 U.S. adults owing medical debt. Providers, meanwhile, need to be paid. 

Kovo HealthTech is Billing-as-a-Service company that helps healthcare providers and health systems digitally track and manage patient care registration, services, billing, and payments. 

Now the company will be able to help it clients be more efficient thanks to a newly announced strategic collaboration with CareCloud, a provider of health care technology solutions for medical practices and health systems. As a result of this partnership, Kovo's customers will have access to a suite of electronic health record (EHR) solutions, practice management software, credentialing support, and an integrated clearinghouse.

Founded in 2020, the Vancouver-based Kovo's platform, called the KovoCloud, manages patient care registration, services, billing, and payments.

Features include its its suite of revenue cycle management solutions, Kovo RCM, through which is handles patient registration and eligibility verification, coding, claims submission, denial management, and payment posting.

Kovo currently processes more than $250 million in annual billing transactions for over 4.5 million patients for more than 2,250 healthcare providers in the U.S.

Now that it has partnered with CareCloud, Kovo clients will be able to access CareCloud Charts, the company's EHR platform for facilitating documentation, care coordination, and billing; CareCloud Central, a practice management solution for managing appointments, billing, insurance claims, and patient communications; and CareCloud Credentialing, which navigates, tracks, and monitors the credentialing process.

"The collaboration between Kovo and CareCloud marks a transformative alliance, reshaping the healthcare landscape,” Greg Noble, chief executive officer at Kovo, said in a statement.

“By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge EHR, practice management, and credentialing solutions, we are not just meeting industry demands; we are setting new benchmarks. This partnership is a commitment to innovation, cost optimization, and, above all, delivering unparalleled value for healthcare providers and their patients. Together, we are not just adapting to change; we are driving the future of healthcare technology."

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