Atropos Health partners with patient-centric healthcare data company SEQSTER

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Atropos will leverage SEQSTER's real-time, real-world data to accelerate drug discovery

Atropos Health is a company founded as a Stanford spinout with the goal that physicians would one day have easy access to real world evidence (RWE) to inform clinical decisions. It has since expanded into life science, recently partnering with Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson company, to help accelerate clinical development with real-world data analysis.

One growing pain point that Atropos encountered, however, was clinical trials and finding patients, which is why the company announced a collaboration with SEQSTER, a company providing patient-centric healthcare data technology, in which the two companies will work together on information and data sharing.

Through this partnership, Atropos Health will leverage SEQSTER's end-to-end registry infrastructure platform, helping Atropos Evidence Network customers save cost on registry stand up. SEQSTER will be be able to deliver real-time, real-world data, while layering in AI to accelerate drug discovery and provide deep insights for Atropos' pharma and health system customers. This will speed up evidence generation, meaning the process, which typically can cost millions and requires up to a year, now will be cost saving as it will only take a few days. 

This marks a significant leap in speed-to-insight for many underrepresented populations served by registry based research, Dr. Brigham Hyde, co-founder and CEO of Atropos Health, told VatorNews.

"In expanding the Atropos Health Evidence Network, SEQSTER was able to fill an important role in the patient registry process. In the expansion, Atropos Health Evidence Network members will have access to expanded capabilities to aid with evidence based decision making on patient populations," he said.

"SEQSTER brings the Real World Data and by layering on AI, we are able to jointly support analysis of registry data to the growing variety of real-world data sources available on the Atropos Health Evidence Network."

Founded in 2020, Atropos' platform aggregates data from millions of patient charts so it can answer physician questions, and then generates a report, which it calls a Prognostogram.

For example, if a pediatric cardiologist is seeing a new patient with an incidental diagnosis of atrial septal aneurysm, they might want to find out about the need for anticoagulation. However, the existing literature might not be helpful for a variety of reasons, either because a study answering the question hasn't been done yet, the available evidence is unreliable, or the evidence doesn't apply to their patient.

When a physician poses the question, which can be done through their EMR or from the company's online portal, it cleans up the data in the electronic health record and then uses a novel search engine to generate patient cohorts and perform statistical analyses to provide an answer.

The Atropos team works with the physician to refine the question, perform the analysis, and to provide an interpretation of what the results mean for their patient. Atropos' clinicians will also discuss and clarify any follow-up questions.

The company also launched its Geneva OS and ChatRWD user application, the first Generative AI application incorporating direct chat-to-database capability, to help healthcare and life science leaders advance and accelerate evidence generation. 

Now that it has partnered with SEQSTER, Atropos' customers will see the speed-to-insight improve as the registry process is pared down from months to days. For the patients getting aid from health systems associated with Atropos, there will be a larger access to inclusive data allowing for physicians to give treatment options based on the evidence provided through Alexandria and CRAFT. Additionally, they will see a reduced cost as result of improved efficiencies throughout the registry process.

"Our goal is to expand the Evidence Network to include data that generates evidence-based  medical decisions for all patients. With SEQSTER joining the Evidence Network and bringing the patient registry data and powering the Atropos Health Evidence Network with longitudinal patient data, we are advancing us towards that goal," said Hyde.

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