Atropos Health and Datavant partner on healthcare data

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The integration will provide health systems with a score that assesses the quality of their data

Data is critical to decision-making in the healthcare industry, and physicians are in dire need of an enterprise-wide solution to reduce data overload, while ensuring access to information is available in a timely manner to optimize care decision-making.

On Thursday, the two companies announced they are teaming up to help bring data to the point of care: Atropos Health, a company that provides physicians with personalized, real-world evidence at the point of care, provide personalized care, and Datavant, a data ecosystem that enables healthcare stakeholders, such as patients, providers, payers, health analytics companies, and life sciences companies, to securely and compliantly exchange patient-level data.

This partnership will allow members of the Datavant ecosystem to have access to the Atropos Evidence Platform, while members of Atropos Evidence Network will be able to use Datavant’s services.

"With a proven track record in the industry, joining forces with Datavant empowers both networks of practitioners to continue building the future of medicine," Brigham Hyde, CEO and co-founder of Atropos, told VatorNews.

"By converting real-world data into real-world evidence, hospital systems can produce deeper, more contextualized insights that can be used to support the clinical and fiscal goals for organizations. From workflow optimization to technology adoption, we're always looking to provide our clinical partners with a constant improvement of quality care."

Founded in 2020, Atropos' platform aggregates data from millions of patient charts so it can answer physician questions, and then generates a report, which it calls a Prognostogram.

For example, if a pediatric cardiologist is seeing a new patient with an incidental diagnosis of atrial septal aneurysm, they might want to find out about the need for anticoagulation. However, the existing literature might not be helpful for a variety of reasons, either because a study answering the question hasn't been done yet, the available evidence is unreliable, or the evidence doesn't apply to their patient.

When a physician poses a question, which can be done through their EMR or from the company's online portal, Atropos cleans up the data in the electronic health record and then uses a novel search engine to generate patient cohorts and perform statistical analyses to provide an answer. The Atropos team works with the physician to refine the question, perform the analysis, and to provide an interpretation of what the results mean for their patient. Atropos' clinicians will also discuss and clarify any follow-up questions.

This integration of Atropos and Datavant will provide two core benefits; first, evaluation of data assets via Atropos Data Scoring solutions, meaning health systems will receive a Real World Data Score, a confidential general assessment of their data’s quality, including size, completeness, longitudinality, and level of standardization. They will also receive Real World Fitness Scores, which are dynamic assessments of the data’s utility for each study and use case. 

Secondly, it enables conversion of these data assets into novel real-world evidence: through the Green Button Informatics Consult Service, users at healthcare institutions can pose clinical questions and receive Prognostograms in under 48 hours.

"The technology originated from research at Stanford that imagined a future where answers to complex clinical questions would be available at the touch of a 'Green Button' in the EHR," explained Hyde. 

Atropos recently published a one year retrospective ROI study on the benefits of the Atropos Evidence platform to healthcare institutions; the company has generated savings of over $3 million in one year, driven by drug cost savings, reduction in length of stay, and readmissions, as well as cost offsets to research infrastructure.

"For Datavant members, this offers a new source of benefit for participating in the Datavant ecosystem and builds upon the security and exchange layer they have created. For Atropos Health customers who often need to enhance data security and linkage to fill gaps in existing data, this partnership allows Atropos to bring Datavant’s well established solution directly to those members," said Hyde. 

"Datavant already confers benefits from enhanced security and privacy capability that can lead to the opportunity to link and exchange data across a secure network. By combining the suite of existing offerings of Atropos Health, Datavant members can add rapid evidence generation to the point of care that generates significant ROI for patients, caregivers and healthcare institutions."  

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