9amHealth partners with Medicare Advantage plan eternalHealth

Steven Loeb · October 19, 2023 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/5740

Access to 9amHealth will be available at no-cost to eligible eternalHealth members

By 2030, nearly half of all Americans are projected to live with obesity or prediabetes, and diabetes will climb to affect 15% of the population. While each of these conditions are leading factors for diabetes and heart conditions, our healthcare system treats them in isolation. 

9amHealth's solution to this is to offer a virtual cardiometabolic care solution specializing in treatment for chronic conditions. The company offers custom care plans, fast medication, and expert guidance to help members live healthier every day. Members receive personalized care plans, prescription delivery, at-home lab tests, and unlimited specialist access, all from the comfort of their home. 

"The 9amHealth team believes it’s time for a more connected care– delivered with compassion and expertise," Anton Kittelberger, 9amHealth’s co-CEO, told VatorNews.  

Now the company will be able to offer its services to a broader population thanks to a newly announced partnership with Boston-based Medicare Advantage plan eternalHealth, marking the company's expansion into the health plan sector.

Founded in 2019, eternalHealth is a women-led, run, and built Medicare Advantage company offering four plans to Massachusetts residents of Worcester, Middlesex, Bristol, Plymouth, Norfolk, and Suffolk, as well as Maricopa County, Arizona, for plan year 2024.

9amHealth, meanwhile, offers at-home virtual care with unlimited access to a Care Team made up of physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists, and health coaches specializing in treating and preventing diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obesity, regardless of location. Members can connect with their Care Team through their preferred method and at their schedule via text, chat, or video.

Through this partnership, eternalHealth will identify the population living with chronic conditions, and the 9amHealth Care Team will then do targeted outreach via phone, direct mail, email, and other communication channels to enroll members into 9amHealth. After reviewing their medical history including lab reports online or over the phone, 9amHealth will create a personalized care plan. 

Subsequently, the Care Team will take an active approach in reaching out to members, providing continuous care, and optimizing their treatment in collaboration with their current healthcare providers. Access to 9amHealth is available at no-cost to eligible eternalHealth members.

"Our partnership with eternalHealth enables plan members to enjoy a seamless experience, eliminating the burden of coordinating a doctor’s office visit or a trip to the pharmacy or lab. Our collaboration with eternalHealth's underscores our shared commitment to reshaping the healthcare experience for more people living with chronic conditions, regardless of age," said Kittelberger. 

"Through this partnership, eternalHealth members get access to cardiometabolic specialists without the wait time and at no additional costs. This partnership eliminates the burden of coordinating a doctor's office visit or a trip to the pharmacy or lab."

This is especially important for seniors, who often face limited access to transportation, healthy food, and specialty medical care. Prevalence of chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension is higher in this population while identifying specialty providers and securing appointments can be challenging and are often months out. Due to their limited support networks, they often have to navigate their healthcare needs on their own. 

This news follows other strategic partnerships with Pharmacy Benefit solutions for diabetes care and weight management including SmithRx, a transparent pharmacy benefit manager, and Prescryptive, a digital health company focused on improving the prescription drug market.

"Improvement of health outcomes through equitable care stands at the forefront of 9amHealths’ mission, and along with my team, we have built a tried and true business model that empowers employers and patients to take a holistic, personalized approach to health management," Kittelberger said.

"9amHealth is solving health plans and employer challenges related to cardiometabolic conditions benefits, offering the most complete health experience for people with chronic conditions through its comprehensive clinical journey."


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