Prescryptive Health partners with 9amHealth to tackle diabetes and obesity

Steven Loeb · October 4, 2023 · Short URL:

9amHealth will offer their services within the Prescryptive marketplace

Diabetes is already a huge problem in the United States, as 37.3 million Americans, or about 1 in 10, have the disease and about 1 in 5 of those people don't know they have it. And it's only getting worse: by 2030, nearly half of all Americans are projected to live with obesity or prediabetes, and diabetes will climb to affect 15% of the population.

That's why Prescryptive Health, a digital health company focused on improving the prescription drug market, is expanding its integrated clinical services to focus on obesity costs for patients and payers. And it's doing so through a newly announced partnership with 9amHealth, a virtual cardiometabolic healthcare service. Together they are seeking to maximize the value of GLP-1 medications and provide personalized treatment for all cardiometabolic conditions, including weight loss. 

Founded in 2021 by the team behind mySugr, 9amHealth offers cardiometabolic care to treat and prevent diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and hypertension. It works with employers to provide effective health benefits for members including care plans, prescription delivery, at-home lab tests and access to specialists.

To date, 9amHealth has seen 28% enrollment rates across all clients, an ROI of up to 4x, and up to $284 monthly gross savings. Clinical outcomes show 2.8% A1c reduction, systolic blood pressure reduction of 18.8mmHg, and 96% medication adherence among 9amHealth members over six to 12 months.

Prescryptive, meanwhile, deploys mobile-first products that connect consumers, pharmacists, and employers, so that people have the information they need to make informed decisions about their health. Its solutions include myPrescryptive, which provides information about prescription drug costs and allows patients to schedule services at their local pharmacy; PrescryptivePRO, which allows pharmacies to grow their business through clinical services and a patient engagement experience; and emPBM, its pharmacy benefits solution, which uses technology to cut down on costs and engage members.

With this partnership, 9amHealth is now able to offer their services within the Prescryptive marketplace, and patients will be able to access 9amHealth’s services at the point of prescribing.

"About 28% of people say they can’t afford their prescription medicines, and nonadherence contributes to between $100 and $300 billion in avoidable health care costs in the US," Chris Blackley, CEO of Prescryptive, told VatorNews.

"With Prescryptive, patients can receive their prescription digitally on their mobile phone and immediately find the most affordable options for medication and connect with 9amHealth for clinical expertise to maximize the outcome from therapy. 9amHealth provides the clinical expertise to help patients better manage their health condition."

The ultimate goal of the collaboration between Prescyptive and 9amHealth is to drive cost-effective, successful medication utilization by engaging patients at the point of prescribing and subsequently improving health outcomes, he said.

"When a patient experiences medication success, it creates value for everyone – not just patients, but providers, pharma manufacturers, and payers," explained Blackley.

"This effort is part of Prescryptive’s mission to rewrite the script for the U.S. pharmaceutical market. We are realigning incentives and creating value for healthcare participants and patients through medication price transparency, eliminating third-party drug costs, and connecting patients with clinical experts on our mobile-first platform." 

(This story was updated with the correct names of Prescryptive’s products)

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