Datavant and AWS partner on healthcare data insights

Steven Loeb · May 15, 2023 · Short URL:

Healthcare organizations will have access to Datavant's data partners in AWS Clean Rooms

There's more data than ever flowing into the healthcare system, and often that data, which can come from sources such as electronic health records (EHRs), clinical trials, and labs, is scattered and siloed. Patient data is safeguarded to protect their identity, which also makes it difficult, if not impossible, for organizations to gather insights and deliver better care. 

Datavant is a data ecosystem that enables healthcare stakeholders, such as patients, providers, payers, health analytics companies, and life sciences companies, to securely and compliantly exchange patient-level data.

Now, the company has announced that it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help those stakeholders get insights into those patients based on that shared data. Through this partnership, healthtech organizations, such as pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, research institutions, and healthtech companies, can access Datavant’s data de-identification technology in AWS: they can connect to hundreds of real world data partners in the Datavant ecosystem through AWS Clean Rooms, where they can analyze and collaborate on their collective datasets to gain new insights, without sharing or copying one another’s underlying data or having to move it outside of AWS.

That means they can de-identify, link, and collaborate while also maintaining control on how their data is used; for example, they might only allow certain query patterns to generate aggregate statistics. Organizations can also monitor and track all queries being run by their AWS Clean Rooms collaborators through Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

The idea is to allow healthcare organizations to securely share that data to improve patient care, reduce costs, identify potential clinical trial participants, and speed up clinical research while keeping patient data safe.  

“Healthcare and life science organizations are seeking opportunities to reinvent how they collaborate, make data driven clinical and operational decisions, enable precision medicine, and decrease the cost of care,” Akram Chetibi, General Manager of AWS Clean Rooms at Amazon Web Services, said in a statement.

“Datavant’s tokenization and matching capabilities paired with the security and scale of AWS and the benefits of AWS Clean Rooms will enable healthcare and life sciences organizations to better understand the patient journey and easily manage clinical trials and securely retaining fine-grained control regarding how their data is used and queried during collaborations.”

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