Clarify Health deepens partnership with health data ecosystem Datavant

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Life sciences companies will be able to connect their internal data with more real-world insights

While there's more data than ever flowing into the healthcare system, there's still an unfulfilled need for real-world data to be linked to internal datasets in order explain a patient's complete care journey and to make that into something actionable.

Now, two companies in the space are teaming up to make that happen, as Clarify Health, a  enterprise analytics and value-based payments platform company, announced that it is deepening its partnership with healthcare data ecosystem Datavant

"Clarify and Datavant have been partners for several years. We are both working towards a shared mission of unlocking the power of health data to improve patient outcomes, expedite medical research and clinical development, and reduce the cost of healthcare," Todd Gottula, president and co-founder of Clarify Health, explained to VatorNews.

"We both believe that organizations must break free from the inefficiencies of legacy analytics and harness the power of collective health data in order to optimize and personalize the journey of every patient. Whether for life sciences, health insurers, or providers, it’s about more than just data. It’s about uncovering actionable insights to make better decisions each step of the way for patients."

Clarify Health, which was founded in 2015, has generated 4 billion episodic and care journeys across 300 million unique individuals, thereby "empowering health plans, health systems and life sciences companies to deliver better care, therapies, and health outcomes through on-demand, real-world insights," as Gottula put it.

Life sciences companies use Clarify’s enterprise analytics platform to query real-world patient journeys for on-demand insights to accelerate patient recruitment for clinical trials and drive faster brand adoption. 

Datavant, which has been around since 2017, enables healthcare stakeholders, such as patients, providers, payers, health analytics companies, and life sciences companies, to securely and compliantly exchange patient-level data.

Through this expanded partnership, life sciences companies will be able to use Datavant’s privacy-preserving tokenization technology to connect their proprietary, first-party data with real-world data in the Clarify Atlas Platform. That means that clinical researchers will be able to the measure long-term effectiveness and outcomes of new therapies, and it will also allow commercial teams to better understand patterns in treatment sequencing, therapy adoption, and patient access.

"Clarify is expanding its partnership with Datavant because it is the most widely used and trusted solution for connecting health data and is ubiquitous in the life sciences industry," said Gottula.

"Connecting health data at the patient level in a way that is de-identified to protect patient privacy is critical. Datavant’s privacy-preserving tokenization technology is the missing link between pharma’s proprietary data, such as clinical trial data, and Clarify’s real-world patient journey data."

The ultimate goal of the partnership, Gottula explained, is to enable life sciences companies to connect their internal data with greater real-world insights in a protected platform, allowing life sciences companies to better understand real-world diagnosis, treatment, and access. 

"Our success is measured by better, more equitable care." 

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