Medication adherence platform Medisafe adds Salesforce integration

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This will allow nurses and case managers to better monitor patients and intervene faster

The goal of Medisafe is to increase medication adherence, which is a major problem: roughly 66% of people in the United States take at least one prescription medication, but only half of the people who are on regular medication take the proper doses at the proper times. In 2014, non-adherence was the 6th most common cause of premature death in America.

To solve this problem, the company works with more than a dozen top pharma organizations, helping them create personalized technology so that patients can better manage their medications while the companies, in turn, get insight into the patient's daily behavior.

Medisafe is now looking to make it even easier for nurses and case managers to actively manage patient engagement, and to make timely interventions, through a newly announced integration of the Salesforce CRM into its Care Connector platform, which automates engagement communication between support teams and their patients.

By adding Salesforce, it will allow manage patient support and HUB services to be conducted from a single central system, Omri Shor, co-founder and CEO of Medisafe, explained to VatorNews.

"This ability now delivers real-time updates directly to a CRM dashboard where all of the same capabilities of our Care Connector platform can now be implemented directly from the CRM. This isn’t exclusive to Salesforce, but can be integrated into any CRM system that a HUB or provider may be using," he said.

In addition, it also creates a fully integrated ecosystem with a suite of CRM managed packages of components that aren’t limited to a singular pharmaceutical brand or drug.

"Case managers can work directly from their CRM to send personalized updates and notifications directly to patients through the Medisafe app to support medication engagement. Prior to this, it required nurses to toggle between multiple systems to enable the same results, and often the information experienced a time delay due to system processing. Now, all of that is under one operation platform," said Shor.

Medisafe's cloud-based mobile platform creates personal interventions, using its JITI algorithms, based on each user's regimen, condition, demographics, social determinants, and specific circumstances. The company currently supports more than 10 million users to help manage their medications, stay engaged in their therapy, and create a virtual support system.

For Medisafe's customers, this new integration will be what Shor calls "an additional tile within their existing CRM dashboard," providing them with updates and timely alerts to case managers when a patient experiences a point of interaction, guidance, or needs assistance with their medication management.

Ultimatelty, that will benefit the patient, as they can receive updates, notices, or guidance directly from a nurse or HUB straight to their smartphone via the Medisafe app. As a result of the increased efficiency, patients can receive more push notifications or support messaging than they did before.

"This latest achievement is part of Medisafe’s future growth and platform connectivity that enables pharma organizations to get closer to the patient experience by providing deeper insights, timely interaction, and further integration of digital health into the treatment journey," said Shor.

Medisafe will be premiering this new advancement at this year’s HLTH conference, which is taking place in Las Vegas from November 14th through the 17th.

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