LetsGetChecked takes $20M from Morgan Health

Steven Loeb · September 8, 2022 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/54c4

The company has gone from at-home testing to being a full service digital health platform

LetsGetChecked started off as an at-home testing company, offering kits that allowed patients to test for conditions such as STDs, cholesterol, lipids, diabetes, and thyroid conditions, all without ever needing to leave the house, but it has since grown beyond that. It is now a full service digital health platform covering the complete patient journey.

On Thursday, the company unveiled a new partnership with, and investment from, Morgan Health, the healthcare arm of JPMorgan Chase, to help it continue to build out its services.

Morgan Health invested $20 million as part of LetsGetChecked's Series D-2 round, which was led by Casdin Capital and Transformation Capital. The total size of the round was not disclosed; this follows the company's $150 million Series D round from Casdin Capital, CommonFund Capital, Illumina Ventures, Optum Ventures, Transformation Capital, HLM Venture Partners, Qiming Venture Partners USA, and Symphony Ventures in June of 2021.

Along with the funding, Robin Leopold, Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources for JPMorgan Chase, and a member of the company's Operating Committee, will join the board of directors at LetsGetChecked.

“Timely access to clinical testing has a critical role in improving employee health. When patients delay or forgo recommended or routine tests, the consequences can be significant, as we have seen from the uptick in cancer diagnoses and disease progression during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Dan Mendelson, Morgan Health CEO, said in a statement.

“LetsGetChecked is designed to serve and meet employees wherever they are, and most importantly, in the convenience and ease of their home to make sure that they get the care they need.”

Founded in 2015, LetsGetChecked offers diagnostic testing, genetic insights, virtual consultations, and medication delivery. 

LetsGetChecked currently offers over 100 at-home wellness and chronic condition tests that can be administered by the patient without needing to see a doctor; that includes test for diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, cancer screening, sexual health, fertility, and pharmacogenomic testing. Once a test is purchased, users collect samples at home and send it back to LetsGetChecked's facility at no additional cost. Patients are able to get their results online within a few days. 

The company, which is co-headquartered in Dublin and New York, has made its tests available nationwide in the United States and most EU countries; it has delivered more than 10 million tests and partnered with more than 300 business clients in the United States, United Kingdom and European Union.

In addition to its consumer oriented features, physician practices and virtual care providers can integrate LetsGetChecked’s services directly into their workflows to meet the increase in demand for at-home care, while also providomg employers and providers with clinical insights to inform population-based health initiatives designed to address the prevalence of common health issues and chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

LetsGetChecked has also recently expanded into whole genome sequencing through a series of acquisitions, including BioIQ, along with Veritas Genetics and Veritas Intercontinental.

Partnering with Morgan Health "will support the growth of LetsGetChecked’s 360-degree platform to transform the way health care is delivered and reduce barriers to access for those most in need,” said Peter Foley, founder and CEO of LetsGetChecked, said in a statement.

"Our scalable infrastructure and API tool set allows employers, health plans, providers and the public sector to seamlessly enable diagnostic testing and virtual care with our fully integrated supply chain, which includes manufacturing all the way to sample processing in our state-of-the-art laboratory, as well as virtual consultations and medication delivery."

(Image source: letsgetchecked.com)

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