Inmoji and Tango announce exclusive partnership

Josiah Motley · July 28, 2017 · Short URL:

The partnership will bring Inmoji's proprietary clickable emoji to millions of Tango users

Marketing is transforming, it's that simple. Millennials and Gen Z have almost become immune to traditional marketing techniques, and as Inmoji founder Michael Africk puts it, "They want to be interacted with and intrigued, not tricked into clicking an ad." That's where something like Inmoji comes into play and it now has an exclusive place to call home - messaging platform, Tango.

The messaging platform, which has around 400 million users, struck a multi-year, exclusive deal with the clickable emoji company, Inmoji. This partnership will fully integrate the branded emoji platform into Tango's chat features to allow users to share content-rich (and relevant) content. Inmoji already runs campaigns with companies like Starbucks, Netflix, Disney, Red Bull, and many others.

How it works is that users can use these interactive emoji in chat conversations with friends to share content, decide which Starbucks to meet at, and let their friends know what shows they are binging on Netflix. With companies like Disney and Universal Studios on board, you can even share emojis with friends that open up to play trailers and other teasers for content you are interested in.

“Inmoji’s commitment to creating an experience that users enjoy while working with the world’s leading brands is why Tango chose to work with them exclusively,” said Eric Setton, CEO of Tango. “Their solid technology and dynamic, rich content pages further enhance the Tango experience, letting our users share enjoyable, branded Inmoji with friends and family all over the world.”

In a time where many traditional marketing techniques are falling on uninterested and disengaged users, companies like Inmoji are getting into a space that could see 2 billion active users by 2018. And while there are other companies currently in the same space, Inmoji is leading the charge when it comes to funding (over $9 million to date) and brand partnerships.

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