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Mitos Suson · April 19, 2017 · Short URL:

Check out Aron Rachamims' winning presentation on stage and the judges' feedback


At Vator Splash Health 2017, here's the video of Aron Rachamim,Founder, Orphidia, giving his presentation.

Orphidia's technology eliminates the need for additional appointments, travel, waiting, and deciphering opaque numbers. They improve the user experience and understanding, empowering individuals to improve their health.  They provide clinics, their portable device and allow them to test their patients using a single disposable chip, which can provide results within 20 minutes.

Among the judges were Lyon Wong (Co-Founder & General Partner, Spectrum 28), Lynne Chou (Partner, Kleiner Perkins), Erin Flynn (Managing Director, Vator Investment Club), David Wu (General Partner, Maveron) 

Thanks to Splash Health 2017 sponsors: AdvsrAARPAvison Young, Bread and Butter WineSilicon Valley BankSurf AirStratpointSilicon Valley Bank and Scrubbed. Remember! If you want to invest in startups selected by Vator, join the Vator Investment Club.


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Orphidia is a healthcare startup reinventing the laboratory blood diagnostics landscape by developing a marketplace platform for on-demand lab tests.  We are developing a portable, blood diagnostic platform which performs lab-quality blood tests providing results for 40 different biomarkers in 20 minutes anywhere.


Konstantin Dimitrov

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25 years engineering career. Past works in the area of AI, computing, visual recognition, neuron networks, huge number of electronic devices and massive software code base.

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Managing Partner - Vator Investment Club; Early-stage startup advisor with over 15-years experience in business and corporate development for internet brands including Travelocity, Epicurious,, Wired and

Aron Rachamim

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Main duties relates to resource management, plan tasks as well as strategic plan for the kick start projects for real world end products, design concepts and market directed diagnostic devices.

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