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Company description

Orphidia is a healthcare startup reinventing the laboratory blood diagnostics landscape by developing a marketplace platform for on-demand lab tests.  We are developing a portable, blood diagnostic platform which performs lab-quality blood tests providing results for 40 different biomarkers in 20 minutes anywhere.

Awards and Mentions
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    Top 4, Best Team Award
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    1st Place, Health & Wellness Segment
  • Business model

    Orphidia's technology eliminates the need for additional appointments, travel, waiting, and deciphering opaque numbers. We improve the user experience and understanding, empowering individuals to improve their health.  We provide clincs our portable device and allow them to test their patients using a single disposable chip, which can provide results within 20 minutes.

    Competitive advantage

    Our innovative system allows us to run 40 lab tests simulteneously using only one sample of blood.  This makes lab testing more rapid, accessible, and affordable.


    High Volume of Tests

    Our system will deliver the results for 40 different lab tests in 20 minutes. Currently, multiple appointments on multiple days are needed to achieve the same result.


    Lab Testing Anywhere

    The Orphidia system is designed to easily fit on a countertop. Blood draws and analysis can be performed by a medical assistant or healthcare professional in a private area with our fully automated system.


    Cost Effective Solution

    A standard panel of tests is expected to cost significantly less than the same set of tests done in the lab, with additional specialty panels available. Customers motivated to be tested for personal reasons, or without insurance, will likely find the price low enough to pay out of pocket.

    Fast Test Results

    The full set of tests takes 20 minutes to complete, with results automatically uploaded to the cloud and available to the patient and their physician online and through our mobile app.

    Improved Testing Frequency

    Faster, less expensive, and more accessible testing makes it practical to be tested more frequently. This creates the opportunity for earlier detection and treatment of disease. Frequent testing also provides additional touch points, and selling opportunities, throughout the year.

    Smaller Sample Size

    Our technology only requires a small sample of blood collected – the same way diabetics test their glucose levels – as opposed to one or more vials of blood drawn with a needle at a clinic.


    Personal Insights Powered by Data

    Analytics tools collect new information about customers’ health and medical needs, allowing for highly tailored insights for all consumers.