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No. 1 Mistake: Without great support

Today's Entrepreneur is John Dymond, Co-founder and CEO of DocDelta. DocDelta is the talent engine for healthcare. By aggregating and analyzing public and internal data, they can help healthcare organizations build and retain better workforces. 

Dymond is a digital healthcare entrepreneur and start-up vet. He got his degree in Marketing and Management last 2001 in Oxford Brookes University and he graduated last 2013 in University of Warwick - Warwick Business School for his MBA. 

DocDelta self-categorizes in these areas: Big dataHealthcareHuman resources, and Jobs

Here's a little about Dymond: 

I am a(n): Entrepreneur

Companies I've founded or co-founded: 
DocDelta, Ekovia

Companies I work or worked for: 
Sermo, WorldOne, Datt Medical, Orthomark

Achievements (products built, personal awards won): 
With WorldOne/ Sermo, I was part of the core early team build and commercialized the worlds largest online global physician community.

If you are an entrepreneur, why? 
For me its a calling, a means of reaching my potential as a person

My favorite startups: 
Airbnb, Groupon, Oscar, ZocDoc,

What's most frustrating and rewarding about entrepreneurship/innovation? 

Collaborating and innovating with customers, mentors and our team is incredibly hard work but loads of fun and immensely rewarding.

Its frustrating when we get strung along by companies that pay lip service to innovation but lack the process, people, resources and motivation to genuinely innovate and evolve.

What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs make?

Early stage entrepreneurs who believe the product will sell itself and prioritize software development above all else. Building a great business is hard, really really hard. If you think you can do it without a great support network of mentors, early evangelists, team and family, you are just plain wrong and you will probably fail. Focus on building this network as much or more than the product early on.

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

Managing the tough psychological aspect of being and entrepreneur is almost as important as revenue, investors, cash flow. 
Focus on the road ahead, while keeping the short term obstacles in perspective. 
Having a great team makes the biggest impact on the business

Full bio

A technology entrepreneur (2014-Present): I'm cofounder-CEO of DocDelta a healthcare big data and predictive analytics start-up, focused on the talent space. I lead the commercialization and fund raising activities. Previously at WorldOne (SERMO), 2004 - 2013, I was sales leader of the early commercial team in the US and UK that build and commercialized the worlds largest online global physician community through Market Research, Intelligence, Social and Gamification Engagement solutions. As SVP, I was responsible for executive level business development and partnerships with leading pharmaceutical, med tech, consultancies and agencies in the US, UK and Canada. I was a key member of commercial leadership team that built global account and operations teams to drive partnerships with healthcare publishers and technologies to support revenue growth and community acquisition. Globally experienced and entrepreneurial with a passion for technology, people, building great companies and products. Achieved an MBA from global top 30 business school - Warwick Business School, UK.

Doc Delta. is competing in the Splash Health. The top eight of the competition will compete live on stage at Splash Health on Feb. 23 at Kaiser Center, Oakland. Register here.

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John Dymond

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I'm a digital healthcare entrepreneur and start-up vet. I'm the founder/ CEO of DocDelta, a healthcare big data and predictive analytics start-up, focused on the healthcare professional talent space.