DocDelta: the talent engine for healthcare.
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Company description

We help hospitals make millions of dollars in additional revenue by helping them to hire the best clinicians more cost effectively and win the war for talent. Our solution enables:

  • Strategic acquisition
  • Recruitment 
  • Retention











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Business model

The problem: On average every hospital has 15% positions vacant, costing $200,000 per month in lost patient revenue. In addition, hospitals bear an immense cost of physician recruiters and temp wages while the positions remain unfilled. These systems spend billions on recruitment and retention practices that are neither scientific nor efficient.

DocDelta solves this problem by identifying the doctors with the itch to move jobs. We analyze terabytes of data to find top physicians, assess their flight risk probability, and create deep candidate profiles.

We target two main sorts of client who would benefit from knowing which physicians are interested in moving jobs: hospitals, and physician recruiters. For hospitals, executive administrators are under pressure to boost revenue and retain a competitive advantage over their neighbors, and this results in a war for physician talent. For physician recruiters, they are eager for a solution to reduce the time and friction in their core business.

We sell our software solution to hospitals and staffing firms for ~$100,000 p/a.


Competitive advantage

We were introduced to the idea of predictive analytics for recruitment by companies like Entelo, Talentbin, and Gild, which focus on using social data for recruiting software developers on the west coast. Owing to our team's extensive background in healthcare and tech, we seized the competitive advantage to become the first company to bring predictive analytics to healthcare recruitment.