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Check out Michael Won's presentation on stage and the judges' feedback

Vator Splash LA Class 2015 cohort 8/Omakase Founder and CEO, Michael Won, presented live on stage.

In fashion, small innovations have led to a platform for big things. 8/Omakase has achieved what others could not: the simultaneous solution for style, service, convenience, value and the perfect fit. We’ve closed the gap between how men are forced to shop and how they want to shop. 8 curated, made-to-measure styles per year, a $2500 value for $250 per quarter. No inventory, no salespeople, no awkward moments with a tailor. The perfect fit, delivered.

Among the judges were Eric Manlunas (Co-Founder & Partner, Wavemaker), Bill Woodward (Founder & Partner, Anthem Venture Partners), Eva Ho (Founder & Partner, Susa Ventures), Brian Lee (Founder & CEO, The Honest Company).

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Editor's Note: Our annual Vator Splash Health 2016 conference is around the corner on February 23, 2016 at Kaiser Theater in Oakland. Speakers include Helmy Eltoukhy, PhD (Founder & CEO, Guardant Health), Ryan Howard (Founder & Chairman of the Board, Practice Fusion), Sonny Vu (CEO & Founder, Misfit Wearables), Lynne Chou (Partner, Kleiner Perkins) and more. Join us! REGISTER HERE.

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The Story:  

Men hate to shop.  When they do have to shop they are plagued with the burden of choice.  Which patterns are in style?  Which colors are on trend?  Which fit is best for me?  Straight leg, boot cut, tapered leg, skinny fit, extra trim fit, slim fit, trim fit, modern fit, regular fit, classic fit, traditional fit? 

To make things worse, standard sizing rarely offers the ideal fit.  Off-the-rack sizing is inconsistent from one brand to the next leading to a frustrating shopping experience. Let's not even go into the parking, crowds, and commute associated with shopping malls.

The only current alternative, when it comes to high fashion, is to go the tailored or bespoke route which the average Joe can't afford.

The Benefits:

8/Omakase members receive a gift experience consisting of 8 curated packages of custom tailored and on trend styles a year.  A $2500 value for $300 in quarterly dues.  

We delivers powerful first impressions when entering a boardroom and seductive winks when walking across a bar.  The proven benefits of tailored clothing ranges from increased self confidence to higher salaries.  We make accessible to the masses, what was formerly available to the upper class.  

Custom tailored styles, no hassle service, to your door.

The Concept:

8 - 8 curated, custom tailored packages per year

O·ma·ka·se - is a term often used in sushi restaurants where the customer entrusts the chef to serve as he sees best. It's an incredible experience that allows for the customer to explore new tastes, gives the chef creative license to be brilliant, and relieves the burden of choice away from the novice and onto the expert.

It's for the man who says - "You know what's on trend, you know my tailored measurements, I trust you, make it easy on me, go ahead and dress me."

Susa Ventures


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Name of the company

Siemer & Associates


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Siemer & Associates LLC is a global boutique merchant bank dedicated to offering candid insight and guidance to digital media, software and Internet companies throughout their business life cycles. Composed of industry veterans who have worked both inside and out of technology enterprises, S&A has successfully completed more than 50 transactions that aggregated over $3 billion in sell-side mandates and surpassed $1.5 billion in equity capital. Headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York and Hong Kong, S&A offers exceptional corporate capital raising, financial advisory services and M&A, specializing in complex cross-border transactions.

Committed to expanding the international technology ecosystem, Siemer & Associates promotes innovative entrepreneurs through its early-stage investment arm, Siemer Ventures, and its incubator, Wavemaker Labs. One of the most active investment funds in Southern California, Siemer Ventures claims more than 40 current portfolio companies and makes an average of 12 new investments each year in digital media startups. Based in Singapore, Wavemaker Labs is a joint venture between Siemer & Associates and Tholons that receives significant co-investment from the Singaporean government as an “approved technology incubator” under the Technology Incubation Scheme (TIS) of the Singaporean government’s National Research Foundation (NRF).

The Honest Company


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The Honest Company (, founded by Jessica Alba, Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee and Sean Kane, was created to ensure that parents have access to non-toxic, eco-friendly, effective and beautiful family products that don't break the bank. offers essentials for every family member including diapers, wipes, bath, skin care, home cleaning and health & wellness products conveniently door-delivered through a monthly subscription service of customized product bundles or single item purchase. As a certified B Corporation, The Honest Company strives to promote sustainability, engage employees and community, and support non-profit initiatives working to solve critical health and social issues affecting children and families. Available in the U.S. and Canada.


Eric Manlunas

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Michael Won

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Two decades of experience inspiring people and organizations to do more, do better and create an environment where this becomes contagious. Most energized when repairing what is broken or improving what is inefficient.

Brian Lee

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Eva Ho

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Serial entrepreneur turned investor. Data junkie. @fikavc, @Susaventures, @Factual, @Google, @Youtube, Applied Semantics, Navigating Cancer. Sit on board of California Community Foundation. Harvard BA, Cornell MBA. Avid traveler, photographer.

Elbert Song

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Taking my experience as COO of FiveFour (subscription men's fashion) and Director of Operations at The Honest Company, I've co-founded 8/omakase.