Techstars Founder David Cohen at Splash London June 19

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Fresh off a very satisfying and rewarding Splash Oakland, Vator is teeing up its Splash London event to showcase some of the promising startups there. We'll also be bringing some renowned tech figures to the stage.

Joining us will be David Cohen, Founder and Managing Director of Techstars. Cohen will be sitting down with me in a Fireside Keynote Chat. We'll be talking about how Techstars came to be and where it's heading.

Cohen joins Kevin Hartz and Julia Hartz, Founders of Eventbrite, in a Fireside as well. 

Other speakers include Travelzoo CEO Chris Loughlin, Bullpen Capital Founder Duncan Davidson, Brent Hoberman, Founder of, Founders Forum and PROfounders Capital, Nic Brisbourne, Managing Partner, Forward PartnersScott GallacherThe Aston Group, Laurence Garrett, Partner, Highland Capital EuropeStefan Glaenzer, Founding Partner, Passion Capital, Brent Hoberman, Founder, PROfounders Capital, and Rory Stirling, Partner at MMC.

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Background on Techstars before Cohen gets on stage

As Steve Loeb recently wrote in his "How successful are the top accelerators" story, Techstars has graduated 292 companies, of which 223 received a total of $571.8 million. 

Some 230 of Techstars graduates are currently active. Another 30 have failed and the other 32 were acquired. Its companies average over $1.6 million in outside venture capital raised after leaving. The average valuation for Techstars alumni is $4.3 million, or a total of $1.5 billion, the accelerator revealed to me, 

Located in Boston, Boulder, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, London, and Austin, Techstars puts $118,000 in each company, through $18,000 in seed funding and an optional $100,000 convertible debt note. 

Some of TechStars notable graduates include Sendgrid, which raised $27.3 million; Socialthing, which was acquired by AOL in 2008; DailyBurn, which was acquired by Mindspark Interactive Network in 2010; Cloudability: raised $9.8 million; Contently which raised $12 million; DigitalOcean, which raised $40.2 million, valued at $153 million; and Localytics, which raised $24.8 million.

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