Vator Splash Startup Finalists/Winners


Presenting the 10 finalists for Vator Splash London!

10 startups will be pitching their ideas to some of the top tech VCs!

Innovation series by Steven Loeb
November 7, 2013
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Vator Splash London is finally here!  And in just a few hours, we'll find out who the winner is!

On deck and ready to present are 10 startups throughout the London area that were chosen through a couple of online rounds during which they were in front of Vator judges. The top 10 are vying for £20k in prizes, such as an one-year subscription with Rackspace, hours of consultation with top law firm and accounting firms Taylor Wessing and Blick Rothenberg, respectively, plus a lunch with Ben Holmes of Index Ventures, and one-hour sit-down meetings with Passion Capital and DFJ.  Past Vator winners have gone on to raise $100 million in follow-on capital. Among them are RelayRides, Udemy, Thumbtack, Getable, PokitDok, DogVacay, and Traxo, to name a few.

At the end of the night, the judges will vote for their favorite! That startup will be the Vator Splash Winner.

Here are the startups vying to win Vator Splash London!


TableCrowd is a real life social network where you can meet people over food for business networking, common interests, romance or friendship. 

People join ‘crowds’ that interest them (e.g. startups or new to town) and then members of the ‘crowd’ organise dinners for the group to meet offline in restaurants. With TableCrowd, users turn online connections into real life relationships.


Seed Jobs is a new data-driven careers service and candidate engagement platform. It enables employers to connect with current students that are yet to join the recruitment marketplace and powerful tools to find, screen and assess prospective candidates on far more information than is available on a CV.

Seed is an innovative engagement platform for employers to connect with current students, who are yet to join the recruitment marketplace. It allows employers to build their brand on campus and provide a channel to connect with prospective candidates and start building a relationship.


TwoTen provides realtime guidance for younger children browsing the Internet, ensuring they only encounter age-appropriate content, yet never stopping them from exploring. Just like the expanding boundaries parents and teachers put around children as they grow up in the offline world, but online.

TwoTen provides tools that are easy to use by parents, fun to use by the children and provide an age appropriate environment online. Its technology has been developed to work with any browser and also works for schools and nurseries.


SQR Systems is a cybersecurity startup developing technology for secure transmission of data over low bandwidth networks.

its  technology allows data (eg. video, audio, images) to be constantly adapted in encrypted form to suit the bandwidth of each user. This approach ensures each user gets the best possible user experience whether they are using a PC over broadband or a smartphone over 3G or 4G.


Jukedeck is the first software capable of writing decent music completely on its own. It doesn't use loops, but writes the music note by note, like a composer would. They are going to use this software to revolutionise the way people and businesses interact with music. 

The software can producemusic either at the touch of a button or in realtime - so it can write the music as you listen to it. This means the music will be able to react to changes in your environment as you listen to it, and it means that, if you want to, you can have a huge amount of control over what happens in the music.

Glipho combines a blogging platform with a social network approach, providing its writers with a built-in audience and easier engagement.

Creation of great content is easy. The desk, with integration into other photo and video sites, enables beautifully annotated articles to be created and published. On publishing, the articles can then be shared to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all at once, at the click of a button.


Ringpay is digital pocket money. It has a patent pending technology for mobile proximity commerce. It aims to replace cash in everyday transaction reducing counter time and eliminating coins in everyone pockets.

The solution is suitable for closed loop circuits based on cash and credit cards but it is also suitable for open loop circuits adding bank accounts as a funding source. It uses barcodes and it's suitable for any kind of shop, for e-commerce, for mass retailers and even vending machines.


UX Cam is a framework for iOS, Android and Web (JavaScript) which can included on the apps or distributed via website, over-the-air adhoc or via appstore.

After including this framework, with two lines of code data such as screen video, face video and various analytics such as gestures, highest quit screen, most interacted screen, most viewed screen, heat maps, crowd heat maps are collected and sent to our cloud for processing. 

Usability bugs are also detected on the cloud manually and automatically via our proprietary algorithm. Other features include location analytics, usage analytics, A/B Testing and Path Analysis allowing  UX expert to make a fully informed decisions.


Bubbles Online Services is a virtual personal shopper for consumers.

It works in the background, continuously looking for better products & deals on behalf of the shopper even when offline. Results sent at shopper's convenience. As the search remains live it is constantly being matched to products ensuring buyers never miss a deal and retailers never lose a sale


Fluency is a learning platform and marketplace that helps young people get into work. It helps them unlock their latent digital skills and connect them with businesses who need them.

The company aims to address a common problem for early- and mid-stage businesses: their owners are experts in their fields but not experts in digital marketing even though it is an essential part of every business today. These businesses need help and are willing to pay for it, but are not in a position to hire staff.

Fluency connects these businesses to Fluency graduates - young people aged 18 to 25 with skills in web, social media and digital marketing - to tackle discrete pieces of work that the business is not equipped to handle in-house.

Our judges include Richard Muirhead (, Rory Stirling (MMC Ventures), Nilesh Shah (Blick Rothenberg), Daniel Waterhouse (Wellington Partners), Frank Meehan (Spark Labs Global), Joseph Hawayek (International Venture Associates) and Stefan Glaenzer (Passion Capital).

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