Equipment rental from your mobile phone
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Company description

Meet your mobile toolbox. Getable is like a remote control for equipment management. We let construction professionals order and manage equipment from their smartphone. We let rental providers increase overall utilization of their assets. The company serves the tool & equipment rental industry, a $32B space that is projected to grow to $46B by 2016.

Business model

Getable is free for consumers to use.  We make money through commission and promotional fees, both paid by the rental businesses.


Each rental business gets a listing in the Getable marketplace with free access to our reservation and inventory management tools.  For converting an online lead into an online sale, Getable takes 10% of the transaction cost.  Getable gets no commission until a reservation is made. 


Getable will also offer enhanced listings to rental businesses looking to increase their visibility in the marketplace.  This will be offered as a monthly advertising fee.

Competitive advantage

Two trends are currently emerging in the space of consumer Internet.  First is the movement to bring local service providers online.  Second is the gravitation toward renting as a viable option for exchange because of its economic and sustainable benefits. 


Rentcycle delivers on both of these trends by giving consumers direct access to rental business inventory in real-time.  We do this by serving local businesses in order to increase efficiency.  To date, we are the only company doing this.