LinkedIn brings its recruiting tools to mobile

Steven Loeb · October 16, 2013 · Short URL:

LinkedIn has been making it easier to look for a job on mobile, now making it easier to post as well

We all know how competative looking for a job can be. You can look at a listing and have the position filled by the time you get a chance to apply. That is why in recent  months. LinkedIn has been beefing up its mobile capabilities for its users, making it easier for them to search for jobs on the go.

But the company has only partially addressed the other side of that equation: being able to also put up listings, and find suitable candidates, via mobile. If candidates should be able to apply whenever they want, it only makes sense that those they are applying to get to respond to them just as quickly.

Now LinkedIn is finally taking care of its recruiters by launching two new mobile services that will allow them to post job listings on the site from anywhere.

"People are more mobile than ever before. Yet recruiters like you, and the recruiting process, are still chained to the desktop. That has made it painstakingly difficult for candidates to search for, discover and apply for jobs via mobile," Parker Barrile, Senior Director of Product at LinkedIn, wrote.

"It has also limited your productivity because you can’t interact with candidates and hiring managers while on the go."

So, to fix that problem, it is extending its Work With Us feature to mobile.

Work With Us, which was first launched in 2011, promotes a company’s jobs or recruiting message every time their employees’ profiles are viewed on LinkedIn. It basically lets the company showcase their job openings on the profiles of their employees.

And, so, now the same thing will happen when someone looks at the employee's mobile profile as well, which "makes it even easier for candidates to discover your jobs and helps extend the mobile footprint of your company’s talent brand," Barrile said.

LinkedIn is also debuting a brand new app called Recruiter Mobile, which takes LinkedIn recruiter features, like the ability to respond to candidate InMails, to viewing members’ full profiles, and getting hiring manager feedback on candidates, to mobile devices.

The app is free to existing LinkedIn Recruiter customers on iOS. For non-iOS users, it is also available on mobile Web.

Neither of these services is anything new to those who have been using LinkedIn to find candidates to fill their positions, but this is a big step forward for LinkedIn, which is increasingly becoming a mobile focused network.

Mobile is so important to LinkedIn because, as the company noted, roughly 33% of members visit the site from mobile. And, more than 30% of LinkedIn job views come from mobile, while half of members who have applied via mobile for jobs posted on LinkedIn have never applied from their desktop.

That is why LinkedIn has put so much effort into transferring its services to mobile devices.

In July it beefed up its mobile search capabilities, allowing users to not only search for people but for jobs, companies and groups as well. In August, the company introduced a new feature that allowed its members to apply for jobs directly from their iOS or Android device. Last month it brought Sponsored Jobs to mobile for the first time.

This is not the first time that LinkedIn has launched a mobile recruiting tool: In May the company launched the CheckIn app, which was designed to help recruiter collect and manage candidate information at events.

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