Video: David Sacks fireside at Google Ventures, Vator

Bambi Francisco sits down with Yammer CEO and founder at Startup Sessions

Entrepreneur interview by Kristin Karaoglu
October 29, 2012
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If you missed our first-ever Startup Sessions, hosted by Google Ventures and Vator, and held at Google Ventures Startup Lab, here's the program part of the event. It's about 80 minutes long. 

Included in the program is Bambi Francisco's fireside chat with David Sacks, founder and CEO of Yammer. It's a great interview as Sacks, whom Francisco likens to The Most Interesting Man in the World (at which point Sacks blushes), talks about a number of issues, from how Yammer is influencing Microsoft's enterprise strategy, to his angel investing philosophy to his opinions on raising venture financing and designing and releasing products.

As part of the Startup Sessions event, there were also two startups pitching for five minutes. They were Apartment List, which won Vator Splash SF this past September, and PushToTest.  Rick Klau, a Google Ventures partner, was the emcee.

Startup Sessions sold out two days prior to the event. Be sure to register for the next Startup Sessions, where we'll have the co-founder and CTO of LivingSocial - Aaron Batalion join us for a fireside chat. The next event will be held on Nov. 13. Register here.

See breakout stories of David Sack's fireside below.

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