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PushToTest Inc.
Required insurance for social/mobile apps
Campbell, California, United States United States
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Company description

Successful brands engage their customers through Social/Mobile apps. These apps must continuously provide an excellent user experience (UX). A degraded experience doesn’t just mean the user leaves the app…but today it means Pepsi drinkers switch to Coke, Deutsche Bank customers view other customer's private financial data so IT executives go to jail, and Best Buy misses its sales targets this Black Friday as customers go elsewhere. Miss on the UX and customers switch brands and the apps receive 2 instead of 5 star rankings in the marketplace.

PushToTest – already used by 600,000 developers and 90% of the Fortune 500 – is the required UX performance solution big brands already trust.

PushToTest's new WatchX platform takes our proven TestMaker “open-source” technology to the cloud in a subscription-based revenue model. It will be the first performance infrastructure to monitor existing app traffic and add its own stress to an app, in big numbers when the organization needs it, adding up to 5M simulated virtual users on-demand. UX validation runs continuously to show developers the root cause of performance bottlenecks and functional failures. We uniquely show what the app user experience (UX) looks like as it slows and fails, and shows exactly where and why it failed. Test creation is as easy and code-less using the integrated installation-less record & playback tool. 

Business model

Enterprise sales and (soon) cloud-based platform charges per virtual user minute of usage.

Competitive advantage

We already have 600,000 developers on the open-source platform