Instagram ninth fastest-growing website in March

Steven Loeb · April 24, 2012 · Short URL:

Saw unique visitors increase by 19%

Instagram is having a fantastic April. Not only did it finally launch its Android app, which has been in the works for months, but as many of our readers know, Facebook also bought it for $1 billion. 

And now it is looking like it also had a pretty good March.

From February 12 to March 12, it was the ninth fastest-growing property by percent change in U.S. unique visitors, according to a report from comScore on Tuesday.

From February to March, Instagram went from 6.9 million to 8.2 million total unique visitors, an increase of 19%.

The only properties to do better were SB Nation,, MLB, The Street Sites, College Humor Media,, Sun Microsystems Inc, and, which had a growth of 152% in that month. 

Overall, Instagram is ranked number 204 in unique visitors for the month.

Given that Instagram’s website merely directs users to but their app in the iTunes store or on Google Play, and the comScore report is based only on hits to their website, and did not trackany mobile data for this study, the numbers are almost impossible to believe. 

As impressive as the Instagram's growth is, it becomes even better when you remember that the numbers are from before Instagram even had an app on the Android system. With growth like that on only one operating system, there is massive potential for even better growth in the coming months.

After launching its Android app earlier this month, the photo sharing app saw its user numbers jump by 10 million in 10 days, pushing it over the 40 million user mark.

Instagram launched in September 2010, reaching one million users in two months. By December 2011, it had 15 million users, a number that was then nearly doubled by March of this year.

Now that Instagram has an entirely new platform, as well as huge media exposure following their sale to Facebook, there is no telling how much growth it will see.

Instagram did not return our request for comment on this story.

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