The holiday shopping season isn't over just yet

Krystal Peak · December 26, 2011 · Short URL:

Amazon UK, iTunes, Microsoft still holding their 12 days of Christmas sales

Holiday deals don't end on Christmas.

Digital content giant iTunes launched its 12 days of Christmas period in Europe. Great for the i-device loyalist or those that got some Apples in their Christmas stockings, the iTune giveaway is in its third year of offering free applications, TV shows, movies, books and music in the days following Dec. 25. 

Each day will have a single free option that is only available for 24 hours and in order to access the content, users either have to log onto their iTunes or download the iPhone or iPad app for the 12 days of Christmas.

Last year, the content ranged from the game "Let's Golf" to a Snow Patrol song.

Monday is also the day that Amazon UK is launching its own 12 days of Christmas sales for e-books. 

Ranging from Sci-Fi to Business, these Kindle book wares on Amazon UK are starting at 99p and will be available until Jan. 6 so that no one has to suffer from an empty book reader to ring in the new year. 

Amazon UK is offering the first Game of Thrones book for £1.99 (a 78% discount.) The site states that it will add more digital reads each day and maintain the sales throughout the 12 day spree.

But, sadly, for those of us residing outside Europe, the Amazon and iTunes deals mentioned are not available.

For those in the gaming world, we are now half-way through the 12 days of Christmas sale for Microsoft's Xbox Live.

The 50% sale for the Xbox items are as follows:


So, hopefully you haven't blown all of your disposable income already and some of you can take advantage of the ever-lengthening shopping season on this Mega Monday. 

Yep. There is a name for the Monday following Christmas, which is the biggest day for exchanges and gift card redemption.

Mega Monday is closing up the holiday season, where sales were up 3.8% over a year earlier, according to the national retail federation bringing the big country total to nearly $469 billion nationwide.

Deals are still around, it just takes a little more searching online to keep those gifts coming.


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