Making memes just got easier: Skitch for iPad launches

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One of the best-selling Mac apps rolls out iPad version after Evernote acquisition in August

Photo editing has gotten easier over the last few years since it has been added as tools in other platforms such as Google's Picasa and Flickr's Picnik have become accessible by anyone interested. But one company that was gaining a great deal of traction in the the more fun and funky, photo-editing realm was Skitch.

The photo application for iOS products was, at one point, $19.99 and a best-selling app in the Mac App Store. Then in August, Evernote picked up the company for an undisclosed amount and rolled out the new iPad version Thursday -- for free.

Skitch's services allow you to grab screenshots, crop, resize and add sketches or notes to your images (think about how easy you can make your memes now.)

One great ability that I use is a function that lets you screen grab websites that stretch past the view on your computer’s screen.

Since Evernote bought the editing service, it has removed all fees connected to it and added an Android application.

The Android version offers many of the same features as the desktop app, although optimized for mobile. 

Earlier this month, Skitch announced that it had reached 3 million downloads for Android -- that calculates to roughly one download every 1.5 seconds since it launched.

This growth from Evernote continues to show the commitment that the young company has on creating a high-end tool-box for its customers so that they can easily share and save content on mulitple platforms within the company.

This summer, Evernote received $50 million in a fourth round of funding -- great for snapping up some key acquisitions, like Skitch. Evernote also state that it is already profitable and still has much the capital from its Series C and Series B, according to Evernote reps.

How does the service work?

Firstly, you pick your photo or screen captured image you can choose from the tools to edit and add works or shapes atop the pic.

The pencil tool lets you add elements freehand and you can also superimpose text for great personal maps and picture notes. All of the tools and perks coming within Skitch can be found in various Adobe Creative Suites or photo editing software across the market but the Evernote integration and free price tag make Skitch a great app in your arsenal. 

Evernote allows you to easily store or tweet the images made and has Apple TV integration.

The Skitch app will likely be available on iPhone next -- but the company has not released a specific date or time frame when that extension will come on line, according to Evernote representatives.

A company representative did tell VatorNews that the push to bring this service to the iPad was because the iPad offers the "ideal conditions" for editing and adding to photos with tactile interactions. 

Evernote thinks that Skitch works just as well for educational and professional purposes and is it does for quick social media sharing and memory keepsakes -- thus the large combination of tools and modifications it has incorporated that run from sleek to kitschy. 

Evernote also told me that they are working on more integration between its signature apps and Skitch so that the transitions between platforms is seemless (think about the usability if you could take a note you share within Evernote and wanted to scribe a message or circle a passage before you email it to a friends or co-worker.)

Evernote, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., has had major investments from Sequoia CapitalMorgenthaler VenturesTroika Dialog, and DOCOMO Capital.



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Evernote is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Mountain View, California. Major investors include Sequoia CapitalMorgenthaler VenturesTroika Dialog, and DOCOMO Capital.



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