Flipboard releases revamped version, adds LinkedIn

Faith Merino · June 30, 2011 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/1c32

The new Flipboard is about speed and ease of use, and now users can follow their LinkedIn feeds

Flipboard, your go-to source for finding out what your friends are reading, has announced a big new revamp to the app today. On Thursday, Flipboard announced a new version of the popular social magazine app that has rocketed to the top of the app charts since it debuted last summer. In short: the new version is all about speed. Gone are the days of having to add feeds and create your reading experience. And while the new Flipboard is faster and more simplified, it has also welcomed a new feed: LinkedIn.

So what you might notice if you’ve ever used Flipboard before is that the app now comes with a pre-curated selection of feeds from content partners like The New Yorker and National Geographic, among others. So now you can simply tap the “more” ribbon at the top of the page, which will take you to a new content guide, complete with favorite sources, a search bar, social networks, and more.

By tapping on any source (The Telegraph, Salon, The Economist, Engadget, etc.), you can jump straight into the news feed, and if you decide that you like that news feed and want instant access to it henceforth, you can add it to your favorites by tapping “add.” And Flipboard is partnering with some pretty impressive names. Back in April, the company partnered with the Oprah Winfrey Network to bring content from both the Oprah Magazine, Oprah.com, and the Oprah Winfrey Show to Flipboard.

And now, users have unrestricted feed access. Previously, users were limited to a maximum of 21 feeds that they could browse, but the new amped up Flipboard allows users to browse an unlimited number of feeds. This is obviously made easier by the content guide, which is continually updated and refreshed with new content and recommended reading.

Of course, the most significant new feature is Flipboard’s addition of LinkedIn, which now allows Flipboard readers to follow industry news through “LinkedIn Today.” So now, in addition to staying on top of what other people in your industry are reading, you can follow any one of the 30 industry sections in “LinkedIn Today,” including real estate, higher education, pharmeceuticals, real estate, and more.

“This edition of Flipboard makes it easier than ever to explore amazing content, from tech to world news,” said Flipboard CEO Mike McCue, in a statement. “And what’s so powerful is that it’s all coming from the Social Web where you can quickly find great photos, breaking stories, updates from friends or news from sources you follow. It’s a very real-time, immersive experience.”


Image source: Flipboard.com


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