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Mevio, KPMG, Rackspace, Cannonball Wine, Javelin, Ackrell, Redbeacon, Arkayne...

This Thursday, February 3, Vator will be hosting its fourth Vator Splash in San Francisco. We are thrilled that more than 400 atttendees have registered. 

This event could not be possible without our generous sponsors. To that end, we'd like to take this time to acknowledge them.

Thank you Mevio

Mevio is a top 10 video site (as measured by streams). Based in San Francisco, Mevio is an entertainment network, backed by Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia Capital. Mevio is Vator's partner in video production for VatorNews and for the Splash events. Mevio brings top-notch professional video production to Splash. Thank you Ron Bloom, founder and CEO, and his team. We're thrilled they can help us capture the event for all to see.

Thank you KPMG

KPMG is one of the largest professional services firm in the country. It is  an U.S. audit, tax and advisory services firm, operating 87 offices with more than 23,000 employees and partners throughout the U.S. KPMG comes back as our Champagne for the second time. We appreciate the continued support!



Thank you Rackspace Hosting

Rackspace is a leading hosting provider, delivering enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes. Started in 1998, Rackspace now serves more than 99,000 customers, including 80,000 cloud computng customers. Rackspace joins us as our Champagne sponsore.

“As a company that was once a start-up, Rackspace is a big believer in entrepreneurs and the power of the entrepreneurial spirit,”  said Rob La Gesse, chief disruption officer at Rackspace.  “Rackspace works with many of the top startups today to provide strong computing infrastructure powering many businesses to success. We look forward to supporting Vator Splash and seeing the entrepreneurial spirit in action.”

Thank you Cannonball Wine

When you do a cannonball dive into the pool, you make a big Splash! That's why Cannonball is a perfect sponsor for our Splash event. Cannonball's mission is to spread its love and passion for wine by offering wine at great prices. "The Vator Splash events and their celebration of entrepreneurship are a perfect match with the Cannonball Winery brand and personality," said Greg Ahn, founder of Cannonball. "It embodies our spirit and exposes our wines to a highly influential and passionate audience, who all understand the power of word of mouth and innovation. Each event we participate in drives a measurable spike in our brand visibility. And for a winery called Cannonball, what could be a better fit than an event called Splash."

Cannonball will be serving their Napa Valley Merlot and Perfecta Chardonnay at the event tomorrow evening. Yum. Because of Cannonball, we know it'll be a very fruitful evening.



Thank you Javelin Venture Partners

Javelin Venture Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm specializing in technology based start-ups that leverage key innovations to create scalable, high-growth companies. Javelin has been a consistent sponsor of the Vator Splash events. We're deeply thankful to Noah Doyle and Jed Katz for their ongoing support of the event and the entrepreneur community. "Javelin is once again proud to sponsor Vator Splash," said Jed. "It's always such an impressive collection of new and experienced entrepreneurs and early-stage investors.  We also love the format, combining the best elements of competition, wisdom sharing and networking. The Vator team deserves a ton of credit for running such a consistently great event."

Thank you Ackrell Capital


Ackrell Capital is a boutique investment bank founded by senior technology investment bankers and entrepreneurs. Ackrell is headquartered in San Francisco, and has a network of partners throughout the U.S. and in key international markets. Ackrell has been a key partner since we launched Vator Splash. Mike Ackrell is also an investor in Vator and one of the owners of Cafe du Nord, the venue for Splash events. Suffice it to say, without Mike's input, we're not sure where Splash would be.  “Vator Splash brings together a great mix of companies and investors," said Mike. "Vator creates a truly unique atmosphere for this event and we are proud to participate."

Thank you Redbeacon


Redbeacon isn't like typical local search directories that simply return local business listings with ratings and reviews, leaving you to sort through dozens of entries. Instead, Redbeacon notifies businesses and professionals in your area that we believe can serve you best, and invite them to submit a price quote for your job. Redbeacon used its own service to find our AV Technician for the event!  Check out Redbeacon's profile to see how they did it! "We sponsored Vator Splash because it provided us with an innovative and creative way to showcase the power of Redbeacon to an influential and early adopter community," said Ethan Anderson, founder and CEO of Redbeacon. " We actually used our product to get price quotes and schedule an Audio/Video technician for the event.  We’re really pleased to help give back to the many innovative startups who are just getting going by sponsoring Splash."


Thank you Arkayne

Arkayne helps businesses get found online.  The startup's technology scans through millions of Webpages to find relationships within pages and build links, in what it describes as a 'very short period of time.'  Say for example, a blogger integrates Arkayne's technology into their post, at the end of their blog post you'll see relevant links to other sites or posts within their blog---those are powered by Arkayne. Arkayne joins us, once again, as our refreshment sponsor. Without them, well, we'd be parched. "Vator Splash brings together professionals from all walks of life in a very warm and personable environment," said Adam Ayers, who handles sales and marketing for Arkayne. "It not only allows us to demonstrate our product and receive feedback from fellow industry experts but also helps us build meaningful relationships in the tech startup world."

Thank you is a full-service Internet provider, dedicated to delivering fast, reliable and inexpensive connectivity while providing award-winning technical support. Based out of Santa Rosa, California, we were one of the first ISPs to bring DSL access to the wine country, and continue to lead the way in making new access and hosting solutions available to the public. Without Sonic, we'd have to go through the entire event in the dark ages without Internet access. 

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Jed Katz is the Managing Director of Javelin Venture Partners. One of the pioneers of online commerce, Jed has spent his 20 year career developing, advising & investing in early stage tech ventures.

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Former Founder and CEO of MyTime and Redbeacon (TC50 winner acquired by Home Depot), Product Mgr on Google Video and Google Image Search, Strategy Director at and McKinsey & Co consultant.

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Serial entrepreneur turned VC looking to support to outstanding teams building great companies.

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ABN Amro, Head of Technology Investment Banking, 2000-2001 WR Hambrecht, Head of Investment Banking, 1999-2000 Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Technology Investment Banking, 1988-1999