BringIt raised $1.5M for game monetization

Katie Gatto · November 3, 2010 · Short URL:

Making games more addictive and more profitable, with in-game tournaments

There are a lot of social games out there. So, how do you make your game stand out from the crowd? Easy, you just make it more addictive than the other games out there.

I know what you are thinking. It is something along the lines of, "Easier said than done." While that may be true, one company is looking to help you make games more addictive, without re-designing your whole game, or spending gobs of cash on an advertising blizt, and they just raised some serious cash to help them, help you.

The San Francisco-based game monetization start up, BringIt announced Wednesday that it raised $1.5 million in funding. The round was led by Blumberg Capital, Seraph Group and Ergo Media. This raises the total that the company has raised to $2.8 million, since its creation in 2008.

BringIt is a game monetization startup that creates tournaments in social games. The focus is on creating a sort of a nesting game, inside your existing game. BringIt adds a tournament-style mini-games inside your existing game, in order to engage users. The users are allowed to make virtual bets, with in-game currency, about the outcome of the game. That currency, as you may have guessed already, is not free. Users have to buy it with real money, so increasing its use automatically increases profits. The results are also tracked on a leader board, which allows users to compare results.

In addition, BringIt has shown that it can also increase ad revenues for a game. It boasts an eCPM (effective cost per thousand views) that is in excess of $120. In simpler terms, this means that for every 1000 players that the game has, who also choose to use the mini-games provided by BringIt, the publisher will generate $120 in ad-based revenue.

This does make the service similar to Frosmo, but there is one major difference. BringIt keeps everything in the virtual world, where as Frosmo offers physical prizes for the winners of its tournaments.

BringIt says that it has recently signed deals with several  top-five social gaming publishers, but it did not state which companies specifically it's partnered with. It has, however, a partnership with RockYou. The maker of Zoo World game uses BringIt's betting system to allow gamers to bet on the outcome of matches with friends. 

BringIt is currently hiring, but it does not maintain a list of specific positions.

BringIt was not available for immediate comment.

(Images courtesy of BringIt and Rock You games)

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