YouTube: 24 hrs/min of video uploaded daily

Chris Caceres · March 17, 2010 · Short URL:

Online video giant seeing massive amounts of content uploaded to site every minute of the day

YouTube is now seeing a massive 24 hours of video uploaded to its site for every minute that passes in our daily lives.  The company announced this amazing statistic in a blog post on Wednesday.  

A little less than a year ago, people were uploading about 20 hours of video per minute, according to the online video provider.  

Commenting on the new stat, YouTube shared,

"A day’s worth of content uploaded to YouTube every minute is a big achievement for our community and speaks to the role video plays in connecting and changing the world one upload at a time. So what’s next? 30 hours? 36 hours?"

YouTube has indeed played a major part in the new role of Internet video in our daily lives.  Beyond serving as a destination to find silly user generated videos, the site has also served as a place for citizens of countries like Iran, to spread the word and visually show us some of the conflicts going on in their country - first hand accounts

YouTube has also become a place for companies, political leaders, celebrities, and any other important figure to directly speak and connect with millions of viewers across the Web, without the blur of the media to alter or add opinions to their messages.   

The site continues to hold a solid grasp as the top online video provider in the U.S., seeing almost 6 billion streams per month.  The second top brand, which is Hulu only delivers about 650 million streams per month, not even close to that of YouTube, according to recent stats published by Nielsen. 

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