Jive Software acquires Filtrbox

Chris Caceres · January 7, 2010 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/ce5

Reasons for acquisition focused entirely on social Web

Jive Software has acquired Filtrbox, a social media analytics company.  The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.  Filtrbox, which is based out of Boulder, Colorado, raised around $2 million in total funding from Flywheel Ventures and True Ventures over the past two years.  

It's an acquisition that makes sense in this social media era.  Jive Software develops tools which essentially help businesses create their own social networking tools.  Recently, Salesforce launced its own social networking cloud-based services called Chatter.  Commenting on the market realities driving the acquisition, Jive sums it up saying,

"The need to monitor conversations on the real-time Web has reached critical mass.  Facebook recently registered its 350 millionth member...Increasingly, Twitter serves as an instant news wire about subjects both large and small. The power of the real-time web to impact businesses both negatively and positively has proven real and demonstrable."

So Jive's reasoning behind the acquisition is bascially the fact it's accepted the reality that everybody is conversing across the social Web.  Since Filtrbox's primary service helps users filter web conversations for sales opportunities as well as undesrtand market trends, the acquisition will help make Jive a more powerful tool.

"The real opportunity is integrating a socially-connected workforce to the customers it serves to make them feel valued, important, and heard. We see tremendous potential in the combination of SMM and SBS to change the way companies leverage conversations on the social web to deliver real business value," explained Chris Morace SVP of Products at Jive

Jive plans to initially integrate Filtrbox into its Jive Market Engagement solution.  And if you're currently a Filtrbox user, don't worry, Jive plans to keep Filtrbox as a standalone product as well.

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Jive Software makes enterprise social software that reunites employees with each other and connects them with their customers and partners. Jive Software is the market leader in social productivity and community software with more than 2,000 customers and over 15% of the Fortune 500. Jive was founded in 2001 and is located in downtown Portland, Oregon.



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Discover what your customers are saying about you on Twitter, social networks, blogs and news sites. Filtrbox monitors conversations on millions of sites in realtime and alerts you to things that are directly relevant to your business. Participate in the conversation, build closer relationships with your customers,  and watch your brand and business grow. 


Filtrbox delivers daily emails with new articles, and provides a rich web application to monitor, analyze, and collaborate on Filtrs (searches). Unlike google alerts, Filtrbox removes duplicates, maintains history of what you have seen, and allows feedback to fine-tune your results. Articles are scored based on relevance for noise control also.  

You can try Filtrbox for free @ http://www.filtrbox.com 

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