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Chris Caceres · August 28, 2009 · Short URL:

Ron Conway and other angel investors pour $500K into SF-based startup

 Vidly, a San Francisco-based startup, has raised $500,000 in seed funding from several angel investors, including Ron Conway, who has previously invested in Twitter.

The startup, which originally focused on being a sort of TwitPic of video for Twitter, told us it is now focusing on becoming a video service that goes beyond Twitter.  We spoke with Chrys Bader, co-founder of Vidly who shared, "We'll be focusing on the mobile side of video sharing because we believe that is going to be the future of video sharing, at least on the user generate side of things."

So underway, Vidly is soon to be releasing an iPhone application, now awaiting approval from Apple which will allow users to upload videos from their phones to Twitter.  Next month, Vidly will be releasing an update to the app which will enable users to upload to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter along with, what Bader told me, "a few other surprises..." hmm, some cool video editing features would be nice.  He also said Blackberry and Android apps were on the way as well.

The company originally launched as back in May, but changed its name to side-step some legal issues.  Back during his Y-Combinator days, Bader also launched the service Fliggo, which allows users to create their own YouTube-like video site that is still running today.

Bader said Vidly would be using the funds to staff up and focus hard on development.  Vidly has added on Mitchell Pavao, who founded Purevolume, an online music service, back in 2003.

Check back soon, we'll be posting several videos featuring Vidly here on VatorNews.

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Vidly allows users to share videos on Twitter through their computer, webcam, mobile phone or iPhone.