DailyBooth raises $1 million

Chris Caceres · October 19, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/b44

Real-time photo blogging site gets cash from Sequoia Capital, Ron Conway, Kevin Rose and more

 It seems like if you're a startup that's building a product in the real-time Web sector, investors are going to be interested in you, especially the likes of Ron Conway.  The well-known investor recently said in the next three years real-time data would make up 25% of the Web, which will represent a $5 billion opportunity dominated not by one or two companies, but a wide range of companies.  Twitter is just one of them.

That's probably why Conway just invested in DailyBooth, a real-time photo blogging site.  This morning, the startup revealed it received $1 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, Betaworks, Ron Conway, Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake, and Digg co-founder Kevin Rose, according to an interview with the Wall Street Journal.   

The company was co-founded by Ryan Amos, 23 and Jon Wheatley, 22 over in Y-Combinator's incubator program last year.  There, Amos and Wheatley received $15,000 in seed funding to flesh out the product which officially launched back in February of this year.  

DailyBooth allows its users to upload quick photo-micro-blog-updates to its site.  Similar to Twitter, the site lets users follow one another or have followers posting random photo updates on whatever it is they feel like at the moment.  When comparing to Twitter, which lets users post 140 character text updates, Amos told the WSJ, "now people are using pictures, because it is easier."

At the moment, DailyBooth's users are mostly in the US and range 15-25 year-old women.  The company said it is not worried about making money yet and is focused on growing its community and product.  Wheatly told WSJ, "we have a few ideas around media-based businesses, premium offerings and offline distribution like photo-printing."

The most intriguing part about DailyBooth is the fact that it's built its own platform for micro-blogging.  Another similar service called TwitPic, which allows its users to microblog photo Tweets, is built entirely upon the Twitter API.  DailyBooth on the other hand has actual users which are required to sign up in order to create a profile.  TwitPic lets users sign in with their Twitter accounts.  

I've reached out to DailyBooth with my own questions about the round but haven't heard back yet. 

Some other companies in the real-time sector that have received funding this year include,  Fluther, OneRiot and Vidly.  


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