Bubble Motion blows one billion bubble calls

Ronny Kerr · September 23, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/ac9

Voice messaging company expands its line of applications as BubbleTalk surpasses a milestone

bubble motionBubble Motion announced today that it has blasted through one billion calls on the Bubble platform since the company’s launch in 2003. Funded by investors like Sequoia Capital, Palomar Ventures, and Comcast Interactive Capital, the Silicon Valley-based company just raised $6 million in Series C funding in June to fund development of the company’s BubbleTalk service.

A “click, talk, and send messaging service,” BubbleTalk allows users to instantly send short voice messages ("bubbles") to anyone’s cell phone anywhere in the world. For those averse to unavoidable, lengthy conversations, the service makes perfect sense. Likewise, Bubble Motion wants operators, content providers, and advertisers  to use BubbleTalk, which is designed to work on any phone and network, to spread their message to consumers all around the world.
one billion bubbles
“Sending a Bubble message or ‘bubbling’ has become an intrinsic part of life for the tens of millions of people who rely on it to keep in touch and express themselves,” said the company’s president and CEO, Tom Clayton.  “Now that this message format has a tremendous foundation of success, our role is to keep innovating and finding new applications for the service.”

The company has already been pursuing this path of innovation, offering a whole line of messaging applications intended to complement BubbleTalk. BubbleCast enables operators, content providers, and advertisers to broadcast to many different people at once without placing a single call. BubbleSong lets users send each other songs and BubbleContest is a service for operators and content providers to (you guessed it) spread the word about contests.

Clayton offers a vision of the company’s next step: “We’re already looking forward to two billion messages!”

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