MeLLmo raises $4 million for mobile business

Ronny Kerr · September 23, 2009 · Short URL:

With iPhone app called Roambi, MeLLmo sees future in small screen business information sharing

MeLLmoMeLLmo, a privately funded software company, just raised $4 million in a second round of angel funding from undisclosed investors. Founded in January 2008, the California-based company has raised a total of $10 million to date. Since MeLLmo’s first product, Roambi, is already complete, it makes sense that this new funding will be going towards sales and business expansion.

As of now, the most we know about this young startup is summed up by Roambi, an iPhone app released in May that aims at creating visual representations of business information on the mobile device.

MeLLmo argues that, though smartphones have revolutionized the way people interact by keeping everyone always connected, business data has been left in the dust because of the lack of software to translate the data to mobile devices’ smaller screens.

Enter Roambi.Roambi

By signing up for free at, anyone can upload Excel files, Salesforce documents, or other forms of data to the site’s Roambi Publisher. Then all users need to do is download the Roambi app to their iPhone, where they can access, refresh, and manage the data they have uploaded to the Roambi Publisher.

Besides just reading the data off a web server, Roambi also enables users to interact with and analyze their data in interesting and visually pleasing ways. Similarly, the data can be transmitted from iPhone to iPhone, allowing for easy sharing of important business information.

The company plans on expanding its Roambi service to other 3G smart phones.

“I think we’ve ended up with a whole new paradigm for how to visualize and analyze data,” MeLLmo co-founder, chairman, and CEO Santiago Becerra told Xconomy.

This is Becerra’s fourth company and, with demand for mobile business software on the rise, it could be another success.

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