YouTube launches new and improved Insight

Chris Caceres · September 11, 2009 · Short URL:

Online video giant launches several helpful metrics tools for publishers

 With the rise of people viewing videos on their mobile devices, video publishers need better analytics tools to find out when and where their videos are being viewed.

YouTube has responded to the growing amount of platforms in which its videos are viewed on, with new features for its Insight tool.  These can easily be found within YouTube users account pages as new features for its previous analytics tool.  YouTube said in its blog that these tools will "hopefully give you more sophisticated, useful, and cool ways of using Inight so you can better serve and understand your audience.  

What are these good for?  Well, if you're a video publisher making use of YouTube in all its glory, you can now track things like discovery over time, views from mobile devices, and views from subscribers.

Here's an overview of how they work.

Discovery over time, is an update to a couple of older YouTube tools that combines view count and popularity over time with how viewers discovered the video.  YouTube explained that with the update, users can play around with dates and sources of views which interactively change the graph.

Views from mobile devices, addresses the issue of the growth ofpeople using smart phones to view videos online.  YouTube said, "we get tens of millions of views every day from mobile phones, and since the beginning of the year YouTube uploads from phones have jumped 1700%."  So this features shows users views of shows that come from either mobile devices or its API.

Views from subscribers, lets users see views from the homepage subscriptions module, the subscriptions page, and subscription email sent to users.  YouTube believes, "this could be one of the more useful Discovery metrics for our community as they explore how early views via subscriptions can help build an audience for new videos."

YouTube said it would be releasing more features in the near future.  See embedded video for a quick explanation and demo of the neat tools.


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