iPhone fuels soaring YouTube mobile uploads

Steady climb turns into wild ascent after Apple sells one million iPhone 3G S

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June 26, 2009
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 YouTube this week blogged about some very impressive statistics they’ve been tracking on the site: a 1700% increase in mobile uploads over the past six months, amazingly boosted by a 400% increase since last Friday, the release date for the iPhone 3G S.

With Web sites like Qik--one that has been offering this service for over a year now--that allows users to upload live video from their mobile phones, one might stop and wonder why we are only now seeing monumental results in that sector.

The YouTube blog provides a quick answer, citing the recent skyrocketing popularity of smartphones. But that’s really only part of the answer.

The other essential piece of the puzzle rests in one product: the iPhone 3G S. According to Apple, one million iPhones were sold in its first weekend. And those are iPhones with the capability for shooting video.

Furthermore, the iPhone is in a direct alliance with YouTube, coming pre-packaged with the video site’s app on all devices. Whether users appreciate the alliance or not, the setup encourages users to try things they haven’t tried before: before, just watching videos on your phone, and now, actually uploading them.

How important this bond between Apple and YouTube will continue to grow should be interesting to watch, as time passes. Especially of interest are companies like Qik that will likely seek to evolve their own technologies and popularity so as not to fall in the shadow of these larger companies.

Check out the quality of the iPhone video uploads here:

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