Top 9 newspapers in trouble

Bambi Francisco Roizen · March 2, 2009 · Short URL:

NY Daily News, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald are on the watch list

 I don't want newspapers to go away, but with inefficient print cost structures and gadgets like the Kindle making it convenient to access newspapers and books, it does look like there will be a lot fewer of them around.

I've heard some years ago that newspapers will be extinct in 40 years.

Given the current trends, it looks like that timeline is generous.

Here's a list of the top 9 newspapers in trouble, as compiled by Real Clear Politics and published by Silicon Alley Insider.

1) New York Daily News – Circulation: 632,595 (10% Decline Since 2007)

2) Los Angeles Times – Circulation: 739,147 (4% decrease since 2007)

3) St. Paul Pioneer Press – Circulation: 184,973 (3% decrease since 2007)

4) Chicago Sun-Times – Circulation: 313,176 (.2% increase since 2007)

5) Detroit News – Circulation: 178,280 (5% decrease since 2007)

6) San Francisco Chronicle – Circulation: 339,430 (8% decrease since 2007)

7) Miami Herald – Circulation: 210,884 (12% decrease since 2007)

8) Philadelphia Daily News – Circulation: 97,694 (9% decrease since 2007)

9) Seattle Post-Intelligencer – Circulation: 117,572 (9% decrease since 2007)

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