loses seven people from the team

Josh Chandler · October 10, 2008 · Short URL:

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel yet?

Seesmic, a site dedicated to online video conversations, today announced that it will be cutting 7 positions in the company. Loic Le Meur said on his blog that "It's never easy to address topics like this but as a company we have felt the need to get Seesmic ready for what most are anticipating to be a bleak economic outlook for the considerable time going forward."

The video below just echoes how many companies in the Web world are feeling during these tough times, with EBay also becoming the latest casualty of the crisis on Tuesday, shedding its workforce by 10%:


Tough times. Tough decisions.also read my blog post






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People share their opinion on any topic in video. There is a social software layer, much like Twitter, to follow the conversation. Loic calls it the "CNN of my friends."

There are 2,000 videos posted per day with only 1,500 people subscribed to the stealth site.