Loic LeMeur's Seesmic - in case Twitter's not enough for you

John Shinal · January 17, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/f1

Can Steve Case, Ron Conway, Michael Arrington and Niklas Zennstrom all be wrong -- about the same company?

They are among the angel investors in Seesmic, the latest venture from five-time French entrepreneur Loic Lemeur.

In this Vator.tv pitch, LeMeur describes the company as a "video Twitter," the mobile messaging system that allows people to share with their friends and others what they're doing EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY.

Seesmic is a bit more than that, of course. It allows for "a video conversation" that lets anyone using it get "five to 10 minutes of their friends every day."

For now, there's a long waiting list to get onto the service, which LeMeur attributes to the company wanting to develop its infrastructure so it doesn't collapse under the weight of too many users.

I personally haven't used the service, but from what I've heard from Mashable's Pete Cashmore, it features dark images of "unwashed geeks" talking to one another.

The irascible Loren Feldman of 1938 Media absolutely trashed Seesmic in a scathing, expletive-laden review that also mentioned the crappy video quality and another major drawback -- that the Seesmic  player is Flash-based.

While the business model isn't crystal clear at this point, LeMeur -- who's moved his family from Paris to the San Francisco Bay Area to be closer to the Web 2.0 action -- should be able to get advertisers interested if Seesmic can build a sizable community of tech-industry influencers.

In the pitch, he mentions how Nike might be interest in getting ads in front of the group of running enthusiasts who are already using Seesmic.

To judge for yourself, click on the video of LeMeur's pitch. 




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