Babson Competition: Winners announced!

Meliza Solan Surdi · September 26, 2008 · Short URL:

Bluepak takes the spotlight and GiftVenture receives Viewers' Choice Award!

The final decision has been made!  The winners of the Babson Competition are as follows: 

In first place is Bluepak. The New York-based company enables local pharmacies to package an individual’s prescription and non-prescription drugs into single, easy to use daily packs. Bluepak will utilize a “razor and blades” model. The packaging machinery will be leased to pharmacies for a monthly fee at or close to financing costs, while the packaging materials will be sold to pharmacies at a determined  markup. Given the thin margins faced by retail pharmacies, a low fixed cost model will increase the likelihood that pharmacies will carry the Bluepak.

In second place is Canditto, a patent-pending kiosk that collects photos your guests have taken at your wedding, party, or reception. It produces a CD collection of all the guests pictures by the end of the night. Its core business is renting its proprietary devices direct to party hosts. 

Ranking in third place is Logimed, Inc. This company has a special, special device with a goal to allow for quick, safe, and easily executed closure of laparoscopic incision wounds after surgical intervention. The market opportunity that Logimed is addressing is significant. In 2009 and 2010, there will be approximately 3.5 million laparoscopic surgeries in the US. Since every laparoscopic procedure will require at least one Rapid Suture closure device, which priced at $250, this represents a total available market size of $875 million annually, according to Logimed. Logimed is currently in "private" mode on the platform.

Congratulations to Steve Mock for bringing in the most number of votes. GiftVenture received nearly 300 votes from the Vator community. Steve is the CEO and founder of GiftVenture which is a personalized treasure hunt service where all of the materials are custom made and delivered to you. Vator would like to honor and recognize GiftVenture by giving Steve and his team the Viewers' Choice Award. 

Thank you to all the companies participating in the competition. Vator was excited to see the strong exposure this competition received. Thank you to those at Babson forum on Entrepreneurship and Innovation for choosing to hold their esteemed competition on

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We have re-invented gift giving. Giftventure is a personal treasure hunt. A child receives personal letters from a fantasy character that lead to a gift you hide.

When the gift is discovered, it is no longer just a present; it is a well-deserved reward at the end of an exciting and educational journey!


The company is an opportunity to build a scalable, protectable, high-margin, and viral entertainment services company as the first mover around a new product category called Giftventure. The company uses proven technologies in a patent-pending manner to address a new market ($2.2B) that is comparable to the greeting card industry ($10B). There are numerous expansion opportunities as well, such gift bundling (e.g., partner with Amazon), merchandizing (e.g., custom wrapping paper and lunch boxes), corporate promotions, children’s destination web site and international development.



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Your friends decorating the wedding's getaway car in the rain. 

Your grandmother dancing with your younger brother. 

Leaving the church with all your friends and family cheering. 


At life changing ceremonies and parties, you can't have enough images to capture the drama and a single photographer can't be everywhere.  Canditto makes sure all your friends' and families' greatest photos are saved forever by collecting them onsite before the night ends.

With an existing (provisional) patent on file with the USPTO and proprietary software that makes sure only the right photos are saved, Canditto is the premier tool for capturing every angle of your wedding or special event.



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Bluepak will enable local pharmacies to package an individual’s prescription and non-prescription drugs into single, easy to use daily packs.



Every year, 125,000 Americans die and over $100B is spent on unnecessary health  care costs as a result of prescription noncompliance (i.e., individuals failing to take their medications as prescribed). This problem will only worsen as the population ages and Americans take increasing numbers of prescriptions (currently ~34M take four or more medications each day). The Bluepak Daily product will provide a solution to this costly problem.



The Bluepak Daily product: 

  • assists in prescription drug compliance by packaging an individual’s daily drug regimen in a single, easy to use package (known as a multi-dose package)
  • replaces multiple prescription drug vials allowing for convenient, on-the-go use
  • is organized chronologically with clear instructions for each medication
  • makes clear which pills need to be taken and which pills have already been consumed
  • is packaged at the individual’s local pharmacy


  • Insurers: Given the exorbitant cost of the noncompliance problem, Bluepak provides clear, quantifiable value for insurers by offering a low-cost preventative measure.  The Bluepak Daily product will provide substantial net savings for insurers by directly and immediately reducing unnecessary health care costs.
  • Pharmacies: The Bluepak Daily product offers an incremental revenue stream from pharmacy operations and provides a means for differentiation and increased customer loyalty.
  • Consumers: The convenience of the Bluepak Daily product will result in greater compliance and, in turn, better health.


  • Bluepak's founders Geoffrey Reed and Eric Chesin met while JD/MBA candidates at Columbia University.