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John Shinal · December 7, 2007 · Short URL:

 The votes and comments are in for the latest business plan competition, "Tech Behind Digital Media," co-sponsored by SDForum and Newforth Partners. The contest was designed to help find companies whose technology is enabling businesses and their users to take advantage of the power of Web 2.0.

The winning new media companies have been invited to participate in SDForum's upcoming conference, The Business of New Media II on December 11th, at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, Calif. The CEO of  each company will  have the chance to give a five-minute pitch and participate in a discussion panel  at the event.

The winners, chosen from a field of 50 entries, are listed below, along with the technology markets they are enabling, are:

222do - for its shared lists for social network users, particularly on Facebook

Ccube - for its mobile widget that lets users of social networks receive Web-based phone calls

Compete - for its Web analytics technology 

Edgecast - for its Internet-content delivery platform

Pluggd - for its video search technology

Zipidee - for its Web store application that can be embedded on a Web site

MonetizeMedia - for its video content management system 

To find out more about each company, click on the above links to their pitches. 

SDForum provides a venue for engineers, executives, researchers, technology leaders, and venture capitalists to exchange information on emerging technologies and best practices.

The contest is the latest in an ongoing series of competitions hosted by to help find promising young companies. To learn more, go to Vator's competition section

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